Well thanks infinite flight for steal my Cessna x and the b772f first no 787 and then this

Restore purchases?

I have restored it nothing happened

No is not a joke

Then whats the problem?

Try uninstalling and reinstalling.

Did you look at Tyler’s comment and the headline that was across the top of the forum?

It is a known issue and the devs are racing to find a solution.

Yes I have that’s problem to but my loved Cessna x and b772f is gone thanks infinite flight

Noop I haven’t

His problem is not only related to the 787. He doesn’t have the 772F and Citation X.

That’s was they I did and then no Cessna x and b772f

I’m sure it has something to do in relations with it. Both of these planes are new or updated.

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Make sure you are on the same Apple ID. If restore purchases doesn’t do anything, buy it again. You will not be charged, apple can’t charge you for the same thing twice so a message will come up saying something like, “You’ve already purchased this item, would you like to download it again for free?”


I promise they will do their best to get a quick fix. No need to be rude here.

Okay if they take more money what to do?

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If you are on the same Apple ID it won’t take your money if you have previously purchased the same item.

Is hard to not be rude when you lose 10 dollars

But it’s not lost, just “buy” it again and it will be free.

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Nothing else needs to be said here.