Well it has finally happened........

One of the reasons I don’t normally fly on FNF!

Well after many years of flying on IF, gaining over 900 hours of on line flights, over 1000 landings and over 600k XP I have received my first ghosting! Totally pilot error, can only blame myself as whilst I had researched my flight plan, SID and also STARs for my flight, the one thing I didn’t do was fully research the airport I was starting from!

Pushback from the cargo area at FACT is ‘challenging’, especially as it’s close it the junction of 16 and 19 runways. Given permission to taxi to 19, I miss read the ground lines and crossed 16 to hold short for 19, at which point I was ghosted!

It would have been nice to receive a warning before the ghosting, however as I lost “Situtional Awarness” it was as we say in the UK…”a Fair Cop Guv”.

The reason I don’t normally fly on FNF anymore? Well partly because it gets crowded, iPad lags a bit and also I don’t normally see all the planes! But also as it’s crowded I tend not to do my usual full planning. Lesson to be learnt by all is do your research and plan ahead! Off to my 7 days of purgatory!

Lufthansa Cargo 500


David, who was your controller?


7 days of death. I know how it feels to not fly on Expert… I overslept an overnight flight and landed 3 violations, I’m done for a week. :/


FabianBouw (sorry for spelling). But not looking to have it removed. It’s a good learning point!


Very nice jesture @David_Lockwood, people should follow David’s lead. Take it as a learning experience, awesome. 👏


In peak times with lots of traffic such as in this case… FNF, we always have a low tolerance and patience as we are under immense stress. Often we will ghost without warning as there is no tolerance for this behavior.

Hope you learn from the experience, and can’t wait to see you back on expert server skies.

Cheers, David!


This isn’t a good thing. However, it’s very good that you acknowledge your mistake and accept it. Not many people can do that

Because FNFs are so busy, you need to be extra aware of what you are doing, because the controller is less likely to give second chances.

All in all, I think a Ghosting is a good reminder that the Expert Server is for Experts, so if you fly on the ES, make sure you act like an expert!


Great stats. Sorry for your loss. There have been so many good suggestions to improve the ATC Interaction, but they will not occur in the next 7 days, so enjoy your sabbatical as best ya can.


A lot of us have been in the same position as you. Some more than others in the unfortunate circumstance. With that said, and in all seriousness, it’s reassuring to see someone recognize and own up to a mistake they made. Learning is defined as a change in behavior and you are clearly demonstrating this. Keep your head held high and don’t let this pull you down. As simple or as complex as it may have been, your honesty and truthfulness is what really matters at the end of the day.

I thank you personally for setting a wonderful example. I hope this topic you created is an inspiration to others shouldn’t they fall under the same situation or of something alike.

-Matt 🛫


@Dylan_Bright thank you for your very kind words of support. 5 years of flying and and only one ghosting doesn’t seem too bad to me…as for being a professional I think you see that I have already taken it as a learning point and release that I was behind the curve.

Happy landings.


@David_Lockwood Thanks for creating this topic David.

Because FNFs are so busy, you need to be extra aware of what you are doing, because the controller is less likely to give second chances.

This is the reason for no second chance. Normally I’m very lenient with ghosting. Just not at FNF. I ghosted multiple pilots for crossing runway 16 without permission. If I gave them all a second chance, it would be a mess.

So thanks for accepting your fault. Hopefully others learn from it as well.

I sometimes also make mistakes. We just need to learn from it.


Cheers Fabian, totally understand, and thanks for coming on to put the IFATC view across.

I really appreciate all the hard work and time that IFATC members do to help add realism to this great Sim.


In real life, if you make a serious error. You get a phone call, and maybe violated. It’s interesting why there is such a thing in IF… and yet if you make an unintentional pilot deviation on expert… it’s not a violation… and rather a “jail sentence”


Not a slight on the atc controllers, I’m just surprised there is no Violate button in addition to ghost.
Violate: accident that needs to be taught a lesson
Ghost: intentional bad behavior

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I had all the aircraft degenerate at FNF an plowed through a 717, and Tyler made sure I knew…

Moral of the story it happens to the best of us, and sometimes is not eaven fully your fult, sometimes you just got to deal with it… 🤷🏻‍♂️

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if people on the expert server keep making the same mistake, maybe give warnings or make a IFC teaching moment or PM them?

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You were instructed by ATC to taxi to Runway 19? Correct?

However were you given permission to cross Runway 16 to get to Runway 19?

I experienced several instnaces yesterday where I think in total around 8 people got ghosted for either

(1. not following instructions and crossing Runway 16/pushing back/taxiing without permission (it was very busy at FNF yesterday and there was gate/taxi hold in effect)

  1. getting impatient and skipping queues and crossing runways because it was taking a long time to get to the runway becuase of the huge queues resulting in it taking nearly half an hour for most people (ie the people who didnt skip the queues and didnt get ghosted) to get from the gate to Runway 16/19)

and crossing Runway 16 without permission and getting ghosted as a result.

@David_Lockwood What aircraft were you in becuase I might have seen you and can tell you in more detali what happened?

Since this happened at FNF, I am afraid that ‘the contoller didnt warn me’ excuse wont work. As @Chief305 said above they are very stressed and will likely just ghost people who arent following instructions without warning so they are not under stress to keep track of who has had a ghosting warning and who hasnt.

Hope this has been helpful.

Haopy landings!

If you read the original post he states that he got instructed to “Taxi to Runway 19” but he missread it as he was cleared to cross RWY 16 and hold short of 19… so he basically carried on to cross 16 when he wasn’t told to do that.

And on top of that he has acknowledged his mistake which is a powerful thing to do. To be able accept and move on with a valuable lesson learned is the key to success in life. This applies to IRL situations as well, where you make a misstake and learn from its consequences of what you dud wrong, what you should and shouldn’t do and what you could do better next time. We learn from our experiences and in this case David has learned to be more careful in the future and plan ahead of time.

He is a great pilot as we all know, has accumulated many flight hours and so on. So even the Experts on expert make mistakes, and come back with a knowledge in hand, to be stronger and better! 😊

Note: He is not asking for a explanation on How he got it, Why he got or if it can be Removed. He is simply telling us about that he received a Ghosting, and he is aware of why he got it. And as he accepts it, he moves on as a stronger and more knowledgeable pilot. It is the Circle of Life to fo wrong and fall but only to stand taller next time. David has shown us that he carries on and has been taught a lesson for life.

Mistakes are Valuable, Crucial and The Ultimate Lesson of Life, it is the teacher you always will have with you. To fail the exam but never giving up, and next time and the time after that, you’ll be the best, a strong person, confident in him/herself.


In all fairness, I took off from FACT this morning before work and the airport was super busy, I was unfamiliar with the airport and held short at runway 16 because I got confused and thought that the longer runway was being used. I was then told to cross so did but when I took off and paid more attention I saw that a LOT of planes had that same problem and thought exactly how I did. I have noticed that the more experience you have and higher grade the more expectations. You are very noble taking responsibility. You are the ideal pilot. A mindset like yours is suitable.


I can see that some may have that mindset in thinking that you who are at a higher grade with a lot of flight hours and XP should do show some type of S Class performance but in reality we are all equally prone to make mistakes. Just because I’m Grade 4 with 3000h flying and 1.8M XP doesn’t mean im the ideal pilot.

In the end i live up to who i am, to what I’m able to do, to fly in fashion of showing that i know this much and nothing more or less. You may have expectations on me but i don’t feel any pressure, cuz i fly for my own enjoyment :)