Well isn't this just sweet

An Easyjet passenger flies the plane to Alicante cos the real pilot didn’t turn up. I know anyone of us could have filled the breach given our amazing experience in Infinite Flight. Come to think of it, I’ve watched a couple of brain surgery videos so it’s doable.


It’s just another normal day for EasyJet.


“She rolled over and punched him in the back of the head”. Who is this “Lady”, I would like to meet her!

How amazing is that? What a great story. Thank you for sharing mate!


My pleasure. What a feelgood story for all them holidaymakers and a big thumbs up to the pilot. The story said he volunteered so presumably he didn’t get paid. I think there will be a cake for him in the staffroom when he gets back.


Wow I just read that. That is really amazing that they actually let him fly it with all those passengers. Pretty amazing though either way.


It’s fantastic

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Definitely wish, this had happened when I was stuck for a few hours without a pilot…

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This guy, I assume, was trained to fly an A320?

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A couple years back I was on a Southwest flight and the original F/O got sick, the airline then scheduled another one to come, they realized that that F/O was scheduled on two different flights at the same time (ours and another one). We waited for a while and then one of the passengers stood up and said he was a SWA captain, that solved the problem and then we were on the way.

Is it weird that I didn’t know Easyjet had 737s? I thought the budget airlines only had one type to save on maintenance staff training.

He is an Easyjet pilot, so I can understand the reasoning for this…

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I literally just landed an Easyjet A319 in IF… Meh, close enough for me. Give it another decade and I’ll be flying either a Dash 8 or A320 in Canada 😂.

Of course - EasyJet only operate A319, A320, and A321 aircraft, and there is only a single type rating for the Airbus A320 family - therefore pilots with an A320 type rating can feasibly operate any airbus A318, A319, A320, A321, and A320N aircraft. Company policy may differ, however it is safe as far as ratings go, as the aircraft are so similar.


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