Well I'd like to post that I'm very thankful for all of you!

I’m very thankful for the developers, the community and the game.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Happy thanksgiving mate.

Here’s a note made earlier by Misha about these topics.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just be aware this is the third topic I’ve seen here today, although I know you’re just passing your good spirit, some of us aren’t American and we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. As well as this being a forum for a flight simulator. I’m sure there will be a Thanksgiving topic in the #screenshots-and-videos category tommorow, that’ll be fun to see! 😃

If you want to thank people this is the thread to write that.

Have a happy thanksgiving to you too!

Happy Bird Day! 🦃

Because not everyone here is from the US or celebrate Thanksgiving, we’re closing these topics. Enjoy the turkey, ham, stuffing, pie, and any other tasty traditions you and your family celebrate!