Well :( I just can’t

I tried to play this game because I love how it looks and I love airplanes. but I just don’t adjust to the sensors on my iPad. I can’t land. I’m going to stop my subscription and wait for an update that adds a virtual analogue. So I can really enjoy the game ❤️


Hey! Trust me, the simulator is not easy to master and there are several ways to make the tilt controls work for you. There are three preset settings (High, Medium, and Low). All of which can be modified even further in the settings. Once those feel good, it’s all about practicing your landing techniques, which differ from aircraft to aircraft! After some time you will notice a difference and it will be worth the effort!


Hey there! Practice makes perfect and you won’t nail your landings in one day. Luckily for you, there are pilot resources and videos handy for people trying to learn the ins and out of flying and just Infinite Flight in general. I included some great starting resources below. If you navigate some more of the links sent below, you’ll find more and more helpful information. Don’t give up! It takes time to learn the ins and outs and once you do, it is very rewarding and fun.

Infinite Flight user guide

Infinite Flight YouTube tutorial videos


An iPhone11-12-13pro max: one of these will do fine. But I never thought about using an iPad I don’t like the idea of the not compatible issue

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Try pausing and pressing the ‘calibrate’ button before taking off and before disconnecting the AP for landing, whilst holding your ipad in the ‘neutral’ position. Could be a game changer (literally) ;)


I recommend getting a joystick or yoke, if you are on IOS, you need a computer, but on android you don’t.

If you go into settings you can adjust the sensitivity of the controls to what you feel fits best for you

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Practice, practice, practice. It takes lots of time to master!

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