Well, how can I host an event?

Well, I’ve seen people do these events and I thought I should give it a try. I thought of writing a forum to support about how to host one, but it’s not like I’m having trouble with the actual game. So, can you just post a forum saying ‘Hour (Minute too), Date, Month, Year, Region, etc.’ and people will join if they want?

By the way… I’m Grade 1 but I promise I can take-off and land :)


You are correct. Users follow have to follow a specific #live:events format and post it in the #live:events category. When that happens, other users can join in on the event depending on what kind it is. For you, however, you’re unable to do this because you’re a new user. You have to earn the member trust level to post an event. To get there, read and participate in other forum topics and you’ll get there soon enough.

p.s. welcome to the forums. :)


Awesome! Thank you sir. I appreciate your help :)


welcome to the infinite flight community. :)

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Welcome aboard mate. Absolutely thrilled to meet you 🙂! Any questions hesitate not to click that PM button and I will be at your beck and call. It’s an honor meeting you.
Like the said…just gain that TL2 (sure you can gain it quick) and I’ll join your events.
May the force be with you, and may the odds ever be in your favor!


Thank you :)
I forgot to say this, but I’ve played this game for 1/2 year(s). I’m not that new, however, new to the commiunity (and Live Mulitplayer, I finally got it.)
I strongly appreciate your guys help.


Welcome to the forum

Thanks, I’m not new to the game but Live Multiplayer and the commiunity.

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