well do you really think marking your own answer as the "solution" is appropreate?

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Hey @david @matt
just in that topic, do @david really think that marking ur own answer as the solution will solve the problem? the problem is NOT solved yet.

you let your customer to do something, but I never started to do it, and you marked it as “answer”? LET YOUR CUSTOMERS CHOOSE WHETHER IT IS THE ANSWER OR NOT!!!

deleting Emulator, uninstalling Infinite Flight, and starting x-plane on my PC since it at least works and the support team actually SOLVES THE PROBLEMS.


Please refrain from tagging the devs. Thanks


I believe this “Solution” thing may be bugged

People have marked my replies as “Solutions” but no, my replies are just replies…

They need to work on this (maybe a voting system for the real solution)

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That is the best solution they’re able to give you. It’s not their job to fix your problem.


well but it is not appropriate to just CLOSE THE TOPIC!!

Yes, it is, there is nothing they can do about it.

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even if it is the solution, still, they shall let me to mark it as solutions. In this case, Microsoft Developer Network Forum works way better than this. The author of the answer cannot mark himself as the answer. People who has the same problem can only upvote the answer. The FINAL DECISION OF MARKING AS ANSWER IS ON ME!

I have answered you in detail so many times. It is in fact my job to close tickets when they are at the point that no more can be done in any way we are responsible for. This issue is closed because it is not a problem or bug we are responsible for. Your native Windows device and Android emulator is not supported. Please contact the creator of your emulator to use the correct DPI for your device monitor being used.


Sometimes I hit the check mark and my screen reloads at the same time putting things on a different line. That’s probably why I’ve checked off at the wrong persons reply. I’m not sure, but I suspect that’s probably most likely in my case.
I’ll try to be more patient with the screen loading, and take better care in where I end up clicking the check box.
Support is ultimately my responsibility, so there are times I will close something, but only if I’m sure it’s resolved to the best it can be. not everything can be fully resolved, but closing or completing is the only way to move on from a dead horse, so to speak. :)