Welcoming the Lufthansa A380

Some photos I took at the 1 and only KBOS when the Lufthansa flying forehead returned


Wow, very cool glad to see it back in the skies!

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Nice shots, are these off 5D Mk4?


These were on a cannon EOSR

Ah, whole lotta money lol

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Compared to that NetJets Embraer Phenom 300, the A380 is heckin massive. Quite the beauty she is. I wish an A380 would visit us at Pease Airport up in Portsmouth, NH, but finding a spot to park it might be an issue.


EOSR meaning RP?

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Nah, just the R. Shares a sensor with the 5D4 which is why I got tripped up (I just checked pixel count).

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Is this the Central Parking Lot?

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Yes it is!

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I dont usually use that spot, i use a (insert secret spot here). The central parking lot in my opinon is:

Obstructed views
and gets very hot up there
Only able to see a few runways
A nightmare to get to.

3/10 only good in some situations.

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