Welcoming the Atlas Air Boeing 747-8F -A Titan to all Boeing 747s!

Ladies and Gentlemen! 23.3 is here and to top things off, a MUCH NEEDED livery to the present era of Jumbo Jets was added! This livery, by nature represents the largest Boeing 747 operator presently flying will be enjoyed by many fans and flyers alike in the skies! Atlas Air is truly, the Titan of jumbos as us AVGeeks know it and a huge thanks to the developers for the acknowledgment to my favorite 747 operator!

Presenting shots From my 2-part route to Hong Kong, from Miami with a stop at Anchorage in this lovely machine that I simply cannot resist to fly so often here! This 8 hour flight, kept me busy with figuring out screenshots to pick and edit. I also flyer a circle around ORD has it has been 3D’d and updated!

All photos were edited with Adobe Lightroom and flown on the expert server!


Nice pictures! I thought they already had Atlas Air B747 in the game. I guess I was wrong.

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They do, but that’s the PAX charter livery.

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Oh okay, gotcha.


cool though!

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