Welcoming new members to BAIF

Hello fellow pilots.

This week we had a huge influx of pilots. We officially gained 15 new pilots who are flying actively around our community servers.

I’m taking this peak time for BAIF to try sell our VA to you.

We worked hard with our dedicated website allowing you to log flights as you go and comment with each other, organizing meet ups on the forums and communicating with more pilots who love British Airways.

What’s new?

We have been granted permission from BA itself to use there logo on our website, which allows new possibilities with the production of our website and events.

Check out our website to apply and remember,
Keep flying ;)
Colonel Jeff

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I signed up and didn’t get a reply

you should’ve done? One minute

I’ll re apply I have a new callsign

You might want to moderate that public forum lol

I send a email but didn’t get one back

Nevermind I see it

Been offline for a bit, haven’t checked it. How bad is it ;)

Pretty bad lol. Might wanna remove those posts and have a mod team watch over the forums

The maturity


Hi I joined you group this week I am ba025 How do I log my flights on your Web site, I have logged in but can not see how you log the flights that I do, thanks

Sorry, please check your PM, I’ll send you a message

Thanks got it.I will do that.R.

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