Welcome tooo: the "expert" server

Well Hello fellow pilots!

Today’s been an amazing day; LAX was going strong with (nearly) all stations open, how cool! Yeah, I thought so too…

It became truly nerve wrecking to see a nearly 100 inbounds on an airport with just an approach and a ground(!?) controller. After a while, though, I was pleased to see a new set of stations had opened; this time, just G/T/ATIS. Still scary, but a bit more calming.

Then the circus began. It seems like most people on the expert server nowadays either don’t know how to keep an eye out for others and work with them - not against them - to create a safe airspace, or they just don’t care.

Exhibit A:

This joy of a person was flying with 0 willingness to create some separation between themselves and me. They also seemed unable to show willingness to change their speed to match mine. Seeing a violation count of around 200, that didn’t surprise me much.

That’s not where it ended, though. Ranging from ignoring the ATIS and still trying to land on 24L or 25R to stopping on the runway because we love using the parking brake upon landing. I had to go around right before landing, and opted to discontinue my flight as I did not feel like dealing with the dump of the people there any longer (exception to the controller, who had to deal with the “experts” around the airport, you have my sincere respect).

I am sick and tired of having to fly into an airport trying my utmost best to keep an eye out for others, trying to be realistic and to be as safe as possible, but instead having to deal with the fools that have access to the “expert” server.
My message to everyone who is such a fool: if you’d like to fly like someone who doesn’t give a bleep about others, take the training server, or even better: the casual server. If you feel like ignoring ATC and other pilots, you don’t deserve the service IFATC and the expert server provide for you.

Feel free to leave your comments, whether you agree or (respectfully!!) don’t. I’m always up for a civil conversation :D

Thanks for reading. Goodnight, and to the Americans on here: happy 4th!

If this topic is closed, so be it, at least I have had the opportunity to clear my mind and inform some others about the joys of the expert server.


I agree with you, the expert server is not what it was i sometimes spot some of these lads to.

My latest thing was that i saw a plane rotate with 230 knots GS like thats more what happens the casual or training server


Hey, im terribly sorry about your incursion during your flight. While this may get closed do note that all these types of feedback topics do not go un noticed. While the simulator grows, so do the crowds. until the staff manage to figure out a really nice system to bring down the orgianised chaos that is the IF servers, we will have to make do. Now i dont know what goes on behind closed doors as do many here but i believe that the Staff arent ignoring the issues and problems that the current system gives us and i am sure that ontop of the rest of things are brainstorming and trying to see if there is a new or upgraded system to allow a more structured while still fun flying to have on the IF servers. I guess we can only keep our fingers crossed and hope for the future.

Clear Skies



In a perfect world, you would have players with basic understanding of civil aviation. You would have multiplayer ATC who were in the same room. At least 1 for the FIR high, maybe 1 for low, then at least 1 for departure and 1 for arrivals; at least 1 tower for every two active runways and 2 for ground. One day we might get slots for clearance delivery 😊

Until violations are more important than number of landings, you will always have a lot of rule breakers. I do well just to stay above the number of landings so I stay in the expert server but I don’t see a higher grade of 4 & 5 as a badge of honor.


It’s not an expert server, that’s no secret and something has to change. Maybe create a server just for VA members?

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I really think there needs to be more awareness about how bad a high violation number can be. I have one thats somewhat high but i’ve grown out of being a reckless and disrespectful player. About the separation thing, thats a tough one to solve properly. Because some people don’t know anything about moving traffic at a good pace.

Also i’m against ultra realism in this game. I like realism but to a certain extent here.

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This would be super empty… Bit pointless too.

This right here always upsets me, its tough to solve because one may need to rotate at 190 kts depending on weather and weight but another will do it for the stupidest reason ever. I hate seeing planes literally pass 270 kts just after taking off it’s so unrealistic and something needs to be done about it.

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Also pointless that VA Membership does not equal skill since different VAs have vastly different criteria for what constitutes as a ‘good enough pilot’.


More people would begin joining VAs though. Some VAs have over 100 members and others are growing.

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I’d think the pilots would be decent enough to keep it professional/realistic.

You’re absolutely right!

Very much debatable:

  1. The skill range on VA pilots is far too large to bring in a good combination that provides a server that is not empty while at the same time maintaining a good standard of professionalism. You can’t really have both in this case.

  2. There will be a huge influx of non-VA pilots who are being left out completely. Having them join a VA and maintain their activity to remain just to keep their access to a server is not something I would say is worth it.


There is no easy solution -

The current system we have in place is very good, but there’s always room for improvement to implement further changes going forward to maintain high professionalism standards we all expect to see in ES.

So other than increasing XP points, or changing minimum entry requirements from grade 3 to grade 4, this is not realistic and acceptable to the majority of subscribers who pay good money to play the sim.

I’m not in every VA so I don’t know about the pilot skill level but there are plenty of serious pilots in the major VAs.

The server would of course be empty at first and fill up over time after the community organizes several events on it throughout maybe a year. There weren’t as many pilots flying on IF 5 years ago.

Pilots can still enjoy the expert server as it is and if they want to level up they could join a VA.

This is unworkable and unpractical.

This does not necessarily help to drive up standards

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Don’t let it bother you! Focus on your flying, not others!

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Got other ideas?

if I was IF management, I would make expert server reserved for grade 4 and 5 people, grade 3 would still be in training server, also make a certain time requirement of live time in training server so people can’t do 20 traffic patterns or whatever to get on the server


Suggestion: everyone on ES MUST have IFC account and MUST reply to every direct message or else they get suspended. This way other players get to “blame” those who fly awful and they must face the blame of others. I’ve had enough trolls trying to race with me on the ground or on approach.

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