Welcome to the New Year! @KANE

Howdy IFC

I’m yet again carrying my GA mood into this New Year with another batch of GA! I’m going to keep it short and get to the photos. Enjoy!

First up we got this piper cub that has floats during winter?

Rudolph The red nosed Piper- Oh sorry it’s not Christmas anymore.

Next, we got a nice Blue Golden Eagle taxiing right by

Mr Big Boy Tires taxiing to the hangers

A very beautiful PC12 taxiing to runway 9

N700RH speeding down the runway on its way to Milwaukee.

A very beautiful blue SR22 taxiing to runway 9

A snazzy Raccon mask Beech Sundowner also taxiing to runway 9.

Gotta love a PA-28

Finally we got a nice blue Cessna 185 taxiing to the hangers

What’s your favorite photo?
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Hope everybody had a good holiday and enjoyed these photos. Have a great new year!

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Canon Rebel T7
Canon EF 75-300mm 1:4-5.6


Love that blue on the SR22.

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Any time I see a Minnesota topic it’s an auto like.

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Great shots! Love the shiny PC-12 and SR22.

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YAY! More GA! Wonderful shots man! Love to see it!

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Thank you!

Thanks for the support!


Amazing spotting! Nice to see GA planes getting some love

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It’s very nice to see GA get some love. Thanks!

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