Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community

Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community

Hello and welcome on the Infinite Flight Community. We are happy to have you here. There are many exciting things to discover and learn; from tutorials on Infinite Flight to interesting topics about aviation to hundreds of feature requests with things that may appear in Infinite Flight someday thanks to your vote! But before you can jump into it, we would like to recommend a few topics that will help you get started here on the IFC. You might have some questions at the beginning. These topics will answer most of them.

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As a new user to the forum, you start as Trust Level 0 (TL0) for a new user. Your first few posts must be approved by moderators. As a TL0 user, you are not allowed to post in the #live:va, #live:events, #features and #real-world-aviation categories, you must be trust level 2 (TL2). Your first posts may be rejected if you are trying to post a feature request or a topic that has little or no substance to it.

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There is an existing thread for Community YouTube Channels

I would like to start a Virtual Airline (VA)

Infinite Flight VAs are governed by the Infinite Flight VA Regulatory Board (IFVARB). This group manages the applications and list of approved VA databases.

IFVARB Information Thread

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How can I become an Airport Editor?

To find out more about how to become an Airport Editor, please have a look at this thread: Infinite Flight Airport Editing

Where can I find the tutorials?

Flight Tutorials
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Also check out our User Guide

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Cant create a new topic
*Throttle Will Now be cut*
I cant message
Features we would love to see in IF!
What is your favourite airport and why?
Some ideas / features
Airbus 321
767 Rework
Please can you
Spawn to any positions in solo flight
Any versions of ATC manual that is availiable in China?
Seattle To Miami | Fly Out | American And United Airlines
Exploring North America!
JUNE 30 {Last Air France A380 flight}
How well do you know aircraft livery’s?
757 and 767 rework
Prime Air 767 Livery
New to the infinite flight community
I am thinking about quitting here
Middle east airlines
COVID Flying
APPR autoland
Latam 767-300
Infinite Flight easter eggs?
Airline routes
Air Milford livery
All the aircraft need to be reworked
Retard system
[FINISHED] Australia’s Top End Flyout @ YPDN - 020100ZMAY2020
Infinite Flight Mexico on Instagram
My Flight Today
Turkish Cargo B777-200LRF
Aviation humor
Group Flight @ EDDF - 021100ZMAY20
How do I figure out what category to use?
Add more vietnam airlines old and new livery
My first post (en route to Wendover)
Do you want the Boeing 747 to come back into commercial service?
My first post (en route to Wendover)
Emergency’s or Pan pan opportunity
How can I increase my XP?
How to make a topic in the feature forum
New to this!!
Can someone ID this Helicopter Please
747-8F rework
We Are Waiting Pegasus Airlines Livery Please Vote :)
jetBlue A320 tailfin and livery rework
Live Event help
How To Do this thing
Frontier Virtual Airlines | Finest Destinations, Finest Pilots, Finest Flights | Official Thread
Delete post
Least favorite airports and why
Enter and enjoy the forum members
Smoke On Button
Mach speed
Which Type of Reverse Thrust?
10,000 Xp and 100 landings in 1hr20!
(Removed) Add the LEVEL airlines call sign
PM request
Fast Forwarding
Virtual Yoke interface on Screen
Liveries (Kuwait Airways)
Old to IF, New to community, Currently overwhelmed!
Old to IF, New to community, Currently overwhelmed!
No new aircraft and the support is not giving some attention...
How do you decide the number of passengers or cargo
Plz vote to see that on the next update
Feuture update feature request
Can’t message
Cargo Pilots During Pandemic
When can i get TL2?
Denver International Flyout
Trust Level Questions
Speeds on decent
Trust Level
Brazil air bridge @SBSP-SBRJ 141930ZMAY20
This has to be the most expensive Frontier flight in existence
New United Livery for CRJ-200
Have you ever traveled, and if you have which plane did you flew on
Exam recruiter @joshfly8
2JUN20 / 1900Z - Jet2 737-800 @ EGNT to GCLP
Constant Trust Level Questions
A330 and A330neo
Boeing P8 Poseidon For The RAF, USN and the RAAF and an A330 engine and cockpit rework
21JUN20 / 1600Z - Renewed Energies! Massive 772ER EVENT! @ EGLL - LTFM
Evacuation Slides
New to the infinite flight community
Whats your favorite flight you have been on in real life
How Do I Appeal For My Warning To Be Reverted
Build your favorites planes on Minecraft
Push and Talk Button
Hawaiian Airlines 787-9 and A350? #realworldaviation
Feactures DC10
What would yall think?
Taxi Lights
Assigning flight controls, using XBox1
777 Wing view
Real Pilot, New Player, Blown Away
Why does it take so long to approve anything I write
Plane and weather Request
New 747-400f livery
How can you add posts to Features
KDFW spotting
The Summer 2020 IFC Refresh: New Forum Guide Sub-Category
WELCOME To My Friend! - Welcome To The Community
Back after years, how to startup again?
Any IFC tips to make better experience?
Why is there no APU on big planes ?
Logitech Extreme 3D Pro
21OCT20/2240Z - Group Flight From: @KDEN to KBWI to KMHT
Adding controlled speeds to FMC
Fall off the grid without having made a mistake
Wishlist for this update or for the future
Why do airlines use the Crj's and Embraers?
Addition of New Livery of Indian Airlines
SAS A330, Do you like SAS?
How do you add a photo?
Leaving SFO
Aircraft Opinion
World's top 10 busiest routes
Plane Spotting Camera
Communication between controllers
Which airline to choose?
Want to Start a Va but can't DM
KDEN Fly out
Basic Help
How to ask for new planes
Pls Add AI Planes
How far out from the airport do I enable the ILS
GetJet airlines a320-200
[FINISHED] Australia’s Top End Flyout @ YPDN - 020100ZMAY2020
New payment system
I found a mistake in the CRJ-200
Just enjoying the flight
Let's Make This Realistic!

Nice work Misha! 🍗

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Full credit to @Marc and @Chris_S for this.


Good job, Happy to see a new thread

Well then, thank you Marc and Chris for this, should definitely help out the new users and even some experienced users here on the forum.

Great job @Marc and @Chris_S! This will help new users to the community find their way and make their way up the TL’s. Thanks for clearing these up!

Well made, beautifully presented Marc and Chris! It’s great seeing an updated topic that will hopefully be able to make users more familiar with the wonderful community when they join.

And bookmarked!

Nice work!

Should we just link this, or copy certain parts when presenting it to a new user?

This was all @marc baby. I just gave input here and there. Nice job Marc!


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Great job you and @Marc!

Thank you very much @Marc. This is one for the bookmarks.

Thank you for this topic! For some people it will be helpful

This looks great! It’s a good idea to have a topic for this, and I bet we will have an increase in how many community members we have because of the current lockdown.

This looks awesome @MishaCamp! Nice job!

One thing to add is that all users can PM a moderator, even TL0!

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Nice work Misha! Feel like this was really needed.

Nice work guys!

This will definitely help!

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