Welcome to the IFC, Pilots!

Hey There New Pilots Of IFC!

Welcome to the IFC! We’re glad your here. I’ve noticed lots of new pilots have joined, so I decided to create this topic due to Unnecessary Topics.

Just a quick Guide to get you on your Way!

  • Only use Support for Game Bugs. Use Meta for support with IFC

  • If you get ghosted, don’t panic, and don’t make a topic about it. Instead, stay chill, and check your logbook. It will show who reported/ghosted you, and their IFC name. Then, you can shoot them a PM asking why you got it.

  • If you have a feature request, don’t spam the General/Features topics. Use that handy-dandy search tool and look it up. If it’s there, amazing! Just click on that shiny vote Button and comment why you want to see it!

  • Try not to post off-topic posts. For example, the A350 Topic was an amazing topic, before it got closed due to off topic posts. Luckily it was re-opened.

  • Follow all rules of the Community, and respect all mods. That means no yelling at them because they’re “not” helping you. They are actually trying their best to help you out.

  • If you feel like a post/topic should be deleted/closed, don’t mention a mod/staff. It’s annoying to them. Instead, use that fancy grey flag button and pick the reason you are reporting.

  • Do not make PMs or Topics about "When will I reach TL*? Check this thread out!
    Why have I not reached TL* yet?

  • DO NOT ADVERTISE FALSE VAs. Don’t make Random VAs. To make a VA, you must be TL2. Then use the attached thread and contact a IFVARB Moderator according to Airline Placement.

I hope this helps! My PMs are open in case you have any questions!

Happy Flying!

Mods may close this if this was unnecessary


There already is a ‘Beginners Guide to the Forum’ here so I guess it is just up to the mods to decide whether or not to close it or keep it :)


A good summary for new members, well done.

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Is this mod approved? Also, I’m pretty sure there’s a topic that is for beginners already…


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