Welcome to the forum, new members!

Hi all,

Firstly I joined because I wanted to learn more about the game, wanted to see how it works, what other people talk about here and to see whether it can help me playing the game better and to understand it better. I’m hoping to also give me ideas before I start my flying school.

Secondly, the game is good plenty of things you can learn while playing it. Specially for a guy who doesn’t know much about flying. Love flying around the region it’s only gonna get better when Global comes out. Very realistic when there’s ATC available. All in all it’s a grouse game

Thirdly, I really like the 777’s though I’ve flying 787 series a lot. Qantas livery is my fave, well the new livery that hopefully come into the game one day.

Last, I race motorbikes

Nice to meet yous all.
Hope to be flying with yous one day.




My name is Dhruv and I am 12 years old. I live in the Bay Area (Silicon Valley. I enjoy playing golf, squash and badminton. I also enjoy studying geography and playing infinite flight. I was introduced to infinite flight a year ago and will start playing on Live very soon!

  1. I wanted to have friends.
  2. The IFC Lounge.
  3. Cessna 208F.
  4. Sleeping.
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I’m Khang (my real name), aka CannedAviation, and one time I searched up Infinite Flight on Google, I discovered the community. That’s how I made it here. I get along with other members and I made some friends. What I like most about Infinite Flight is gotta be Global Flight. Updated scenery and additions of new airports is the best part of the update. Global Flight is currently in development. I don’t have a favorite livery, but I have a favorite aircraft, which is the 787. It is the first aircraft to introduce wing flex and 4K HD graphics on an aircraft. What I do when I’m away from Infinite Flight is studying in pain and play my fiddle, or the violin if you don’t know what a fiddle was, it’s the same thing. See you existing and new members in the air someday :)

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I care about buses more than planes, prefers russian planes than western ones. First found IF because it was “free” on the scamsung app store. I like Nokia more than any other phone producer.

Hello all
I am an aviation ensthusiast from a land down under
I have a youtube channel:

I bought IF before the live era (aka when it was cheap)

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  1. I found about it on IF loading screen. pretty good.
  2. Love the multiplayer and the 757
  3. 757 if favorite plane. Livery depends on region and airport hubs (ex: United in Chicago, British Airways in London, ecs)
  4. RC Planes in one, drawing has gone into full time second, and pokemoning is third

Hello, I’m George! I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia. Nice to meet you all 😊

  1. Cause I love the sim, and I just want to get involved with others in the community

  2. The Graphics, Live Multiplayer, The Community 😊

  3. My Favourite livery is Singapore Airlines B78X, Although you can see me in United B772 or Air France B772. It totally depends on my location 🐕

  4. I love to listen to some songs in Spotify, Besides that, I also love to read History books (#history4life) and I like to help my friends. I’m quite active in Social Media to stay updated with the infos around me.

That’s all, Thanks for reading and see you in the IF Skies ⛅


Hello everyone! I’m Ignatius, the noob that has his real name as his username!

  1. I join every forum just to check out the quality of the members, this one passes ;)
  2. Live and the scenery
  3. SIA 77W or the Cargolux 748, both great liveries!
  4. Cars… and most other sim type games!

see you in the skies!


But you can’t see us till around June/July.


I can still see you all via LF or Infinite Tracker tho =P


If that would be enough then me buying Live+ has been wasted :P

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I’m Bruno and:

  • I’m 18 years old
  • I’m from Panama although I currently live in the United States
  • I just wanted to join the forums to contribute to IF and meet new people
  • I like to edit airports (I have done 103 so far)
  • I like the Boeing 737-800 in Copa Airlines livery
  • I practice martial arts when I’m not editing airports or playing IF

Have a nice day :)

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1.This might sound bizarre but- I can’t remember what Christmas it was but my dad had bought me a model of the A380 and I became obsessed with it that day, so I thought why not download a plane app? So I searched the appstore for flying simulators, infinite flight had the best reviews so downloaded the app and it was amazing I first flew on training server 1 with a jet and I got ghosted a lot in the first few weeks, obviously I didn’t know what ghosting was and how it affected me, so I wanted to learn more and I saw a link to these forums and that’s where it’s led up to now, a year later!
2.What do I love most… Well infinite flight inspired me into wanting to be a pilot when I’m older, I love aviation now thanks to infinite flight and the amazing team that has created this app!
3.My favourite plane is the Boeing 787-8 Boeing livery from Boeing and from airbus it’s the A380, etihad livery
4.My hobby is Starwars, I absolutely love Starwars I’ve loved it ever since I was 10, my favourite character is Luke Skywalker always has been always will be, Mark Hamill is also my favourite actor!


It’s treason then *lightsaber comes out of sleeve and starts spinning

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  1. Lots of IF-related activity on the forum
  2. High graphics and realism
  3. British Airways Boeing 787-9
  4. Minecraft, Forza Horizon 2, Air crash investigation
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Putting this back up there

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Grrr. Who blocked my freedom of speech?!? Im allowed to be a minor troll…

There’s your answer. You also called the mods cranky. No need for that, keep it to yourself. Just a rude post to some members.

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1 Why not
2 Multiplayer
3 IRL Delta CRJ-700 or Sun Country 737-800 IF Alaska 737-800
4 Spotting, Video games, collecting models and traveling