Welcome to the forum, new members!

Hi I’m Adnan

  1. I really like flying and I want to be a pilot
  2. I like a lot of things in infinite flight
  3. I like flying the Airbus a321
  4. I play badminton and basketball

You mean Sim right?.. Not game! 😂


Here’s my tip to new members. If a certain individual named Rob happens to annoy you, please pm him with all the obscenity you please, he will have a great laugh. Thanks!


Hey! I’m Kevin! I live in lower New York, by HPN and I spot there on a somewhat frequent basis ;)

  1. I wanted to meet new people, get to know the devs, find out about upcoming events etc.

  2. I like the multiplayer and all the different aircraft types

  3. I love to fly the A320 in the JetBlue livery or the Embraer 190 in the JetBlue livery

  4. I’m actually training as of right now to get my PPL, but I also like to fish, work on computers, fly my drone etc. ;)


1: I joined because i love the game and want to get better at it & I want to hear about upcoming events.
2: what i like most, is that it feels soo REAL!! . Gona keep this game forever!!
3:The 747-8 & F-16 are my favorite
4: just flying!!! I like to swim play sports all kinds,
Hang out with my buddies etc.

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Don’t forget as a new member to add you private callsign to the matrix!

  1. Well… I couldn’t access my old account made in August 2015. I took a break from IF and the forums and now I’m back on. Trying to work my way back up to regular!

  2. It’s improving everyday! I’ve watched Infinite Flight grow overtime. Been here since the start of it all!

  3. 787-9 Qantas and 777-300 Turkish Airlines

  4. Xbox, football (not soccer)


What inspired you to join these forums?
I was left un-employed for a very short period of time following a dismissal from my previous work. I was going through a hard employment tribunal (Which I won) and needed a distraction and the feel and pull of this close knit ifc community pulled me in

What do you like most about Infinite Flight?
The realism. I can escape to IF at any point and just fly. Enter a different world where I can live my dream of being a commercial pilot and just fly around, live the dream.

What is your favorite plane/livery to fly in Infinite Flight?
Hmmmmm, Has to be the ‘Original Airbus’ a318 livery or the FDS 2016 787-8 livery.

What are your hobbies outside of Infinite Flight?
There is such thing as a hobby, outside of IFC?

  1. I was opening IF and I saw the news category. I selected it and it brought me here:)

  2. The multiplayer of course!

  3. I love to fly the 787 and A320. Any livery that isn’t too bland.

  4. I love photography, and play Ice Hockey.

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This pic
2. Multiplayer, but once Global comes out it’ll be obvious
3. Hand me any commercial jetliner
4. Besides flight simulator, I also do truck, bus, and subway simulator.

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Hey, I’m Kaler. I’m of course not new but got into community back after 2 years. I had been playing infinite flight for more than 2 years and I have 100+ hours flying. Though my XP got reset due to some reason(crossed region) but it was 125k xp. I’ve my own Instagram account which is infinite flight second leading account on Instagram named @anon37868686 . Make sure to follow it :)
Good day!

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  1. I was pretty heavily involved in sim racing forums. So when I stumbled across this forum and saw how heavily involved everyone is with aeronautics, I figured I’d join. Also wanted to try and be more involved in events that take place.

2.This is by far the best flight sim I’ve played for a hand held system. I played Special Air Wing for a couple months, and while it is very good for a combat sim, I really wanted multiplayer interaction. Jumping on a casual server and escorting random flights or flying random formations is a ton of fun for me.

  1. F-16/F-22 (would love working spoilers)/A-10 (possibly cockpit re-work ahead?), A330-300 (would love an Aer Lingus livery), 737-800 American, 787-900 American.

  2. Heavily involved with cars. Literally everything else is cars. Mainly from the Volkswagen/Audi Groupe.


Hello everyone! I’m back from the dead as you can see. Glad to see that everyone has noticed I’ve been gone but anyway,

  1. I came back to the forum because I was bored and why not
  2. I like that there is actually an expert server so I can fly in peace
  3. I like to planespot and go off the grid😉

Hi I’m Rob. There’s like 4 or 5 of us here.

  1. I joined the forums cause I figured it would be a great reliable place to get info about Infinite Flight

  2. I love having Live, and being able to fly with other players. Plus, there’s a variety of airlines and airplanes to fly which is great!

  3. I love flying the 737 and A320 families. Great planes, fly well, and have tons of liveries. Although I also love the 777 family, and once global comes out there’s gonna be a lot of routes to do.

  4. I planespot a lot. I have been thinking about making a topic to share my planespotting photos. I also love hanging out with my girlfriend and making sure my car is in good running order.


Hi all,

Firstly I joined because I wanted to learn more about the game, wanted to see how it works, what other people talk about here and to see whether it can help me playing the game better and to understand it better. I’m hoping to also give me ideas before I start my flying school.

Secondly, the game is good plenty of things you can learn while playing it. Specially for a guy who doesn’t know much about flying. Love flying around the region it’s only gonna get better when Global comes out. Very realistic when there’s ATC available. All in all it’s a grouse game

Thirdly, I really like the 777’s though I’ve flying 787 series a lot. Qantas livery is my fave, well the new livery that hopefully come into the game one day.

Last, I race motorbikes

Nice to meet yous all.
Hope to be flying with yous one day.




My name is Dhruv and I am 12 years old. I live in the Bay Area (Silicon Valley. I enjoy playing golf, squash and badminton. I also enjoy studying geography and playing infinite flight. I was introduced to infinite flight a year ago and will start playing on Live very soon!

  1. I wanted to have friends.
  2. The IFC Lounge.
  3. Cessna 208F.
  4. Sleeping.
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I’m Khang (my real name), aka CannedAviation, and one time I searched up Infinite Flight on Google, I discovered the community. That’s how I made it here. I get along with other members and I made some friends. What I like most about Infinite Flight is gotta be Global Flight. Updated scenery and additions of new airports is the best part of the update. Global Flight is currently in development. I don’t have a favorite livery, but I have a favorite aircraft, which is the 787. It is the first aircraft to introduce wing flex and 4K HD graphics on an aircraft. What I do when I’m away from Infinite Flight is studying in pain and play my fiddle, or the violin if you don’t know what a fiddle was, it’s the same thing. See you existing and new members in the air someday :)

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I care about buses more than planes, prefers russian planes than western ones. First found IF because it was “free” on the scamsung app store. I like Nokia more than any other phone producer.

Hello all
I am an aviation ensthusiast from a land down under
I have a youtube channel:

I bought IF before the live era (aka when it was cheap)

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