Welcome To St. George

St. George Regional Airport

I’m proud to announce that one of my latest airport projects was St. George Regional! This was a collab between me and @United403, and we had a fun time making it! Aside from some issues (you know what I’m talking about United 😉), this was one of the best airports I’ve made. Enjoy the photos of St. George, which should be coming sometime in the next few updates!

Delta Skywest CRJ-900 landing

The terminal area (including 1 jetbridge!)

American Eagle CRJ-700 parked at the gate!

FlexJet Challenger 350 at the Million Air FBO (very large ramp space!)

Overlooking the west hangar area

A few “open hangars.” Look at this stunning TBM-930!

Yellow cub parked in the west hangar tiedown area

For a regional airport, SGU has a pretty long runway at 9,300ft, the airport is at 2,300ft in elevation.

For those who want some stats, here ya go!
Opened: January 13 2011
Served by: American Eagle, Delta Connection, United Express
Land usage: 1,204 acres
Top destination: Salt Lake City (SLC)

Thanks once again to @United403, you were a great partner and we did great work!


Yasss I love St. George! I have been there numerous times and almost moved there ( luckily I didn’t ) Thank you guys for giving it some attention! 😆 Also I would definitely recommend their air museum


It also desperately needs a refresh. Only two gates as of now. I also may or my not have been practicing landings there earlier today in solo


Russian Pushback 💀


Looks amazing!

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