Welcome to Skyliner Air and The Skyliner Group!

Haha lol is this why you didn’t grant me my wish!..so selfish :p[quote=“B767fan, post:101, topic:30265”]
I’m the Co-Owner and I still wish I got that callsign. :P


Wow that’s a great number of pilots to have hired in only 5 days! Great job to the staff of this VA. @B767fan knows, and he may have told some of you already, but I am working on a project for this VA. It will be released when this VA reaches a certain number of pilots. More details will be presented as progress is coming along.


Sounds interesting 🤔


“Staff” consists of Hamza, Zach and I, lel


Our first Mod is @Robertdiaz123! Well done Rob!


Our third event is at 0300Z in Hawaii.

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we can’t be better. we areonly unique!

No if you’re a group of airlines your rival is White Air Group run by @bms7fly, so a nice group

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I edited the top post.

i know i know :)

Would TSK be interested in join the Skyliner Group?

See that with @BavariaAVIATION :)

Tell him to PM me if he’s interested.

777-300 or 777-200 ?

I know. I just don’t have a good screenshot of a 77W. I’ll get one now.


I think we’re happy on our own, aren’t we @grxninesix.
I just want to be independent.

Cool. Nice one.

You’re sounding like the US in 1776

Well, the final decision’s up to @grxninesix, but the idea does not appeal me at all.
Firstly because it does not bring us any advantages, secondly because it was frickin’ much work to get TravelSky running at all and lastly because it’s better to have full control about what’s going to happen within the VA.
As far as I caught that correctly, we’d pretty much be a subsidary of SkylinesAir.
Sorry, not my cup of tea.

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No. It’s like how Lufthansa owns Austrian.