Welcome to Skyliner Air and The Skyliner Group!

Skyliner Air is an Infinite Flight Virtual Airline operating in many region to many airports.

Skyliner Air is the brain-child of Myself and @Hamza787Aj. We used to be Admins at DJet, me sorting routes and @Hamza787Aj sorting aircraft. DJet sadly died, we only noticed recently when we were the only people posting in the Slack. We then decided we would take control of DJet, but what’s the point in DJet, with no @Captain_DJ? We then came up with Skyliner Air!

Our main hub is Stansted (EGSS), in the London region.

Our aircraft for Skyliner Air are as followed,

Embraer E-170
Boeing 717
Boeing 737-900
Airbus A321
Boeing 757-200
Boeing 767
Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 747-400

All our aircraft are flown in the generic livery.

Our callsigns are SKYXXX. I am SKY001 and @Hamza787Aj is SKY002.

We currently use Slack for communication, when we have enough members we will start a forum. Website is here! - http://skylinerair.weebly.com/

To join, PM me or @Hamza787Aj your e-mail address and a bit about yourself or fill out our form - http://goo.gl/forms/kWJdg4cEwd

We now have an e-mail address - skylinerair@gmail.com

The Skyliner Group is for any Virtual Airline that flies in the generic livery.

The perks of your VA joining the group, is that you can lease aircraft, codeshare and even share pilots!

Our current members are Skyliner and DJet

If you own a VA and are interested, please PM me.

We hope to see you soon!


@Thomson is our first pilot!

First you want to join our leadership and then you call us rivals, you’re a surprise box :D


I never intended on making a VA. LOL


Just finished a flight with @Thomson from EGSS to EGLL.

Sad thing is, DJet had so much potential.

Is there a reason you stole my username… :)

It’s Skyliner.Thought you would join!

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Actually, DJet still exists. It’s just solely operated by me. It’s better operating it by myself. It’s a private company. And I better start lifting my game if I have TSK and SKY. ;)


Sorry buddy, my position lies in the staff and development of Qantas Virtual IF


DJet is pretty much dead. :P

No. It’s still running, but I don’t need anyone for it. I run it myself, and it’s much more efficient!


you said “forget TravelSky and the others and choose comfort”…
the forgotten airline what you speak is still active at all time , with all the pilots we have (+20)! :)

so… putty, i’ll love to see djet callsigns flying but its never happen
this is not a war starting, just said like a normal thing, no provoke intented


We could always try and do a codeshare with DJet :)

DJet recently changed. DJet only has one CEO and one pilot. ME! I don’t need people to govern my fleet etc. Skyliner air is fine, as my colleagues have moved from DJet, but thats fine. Less Hassle on me. I havent been active a lot, but I’ve recently just come back. DJet on Slack was a disaster, and I didn’t like it. The IF Community is better for DJet Discussion. I would like to have DJet back on track with my dearest of friends, but they’ve left. And I would want ONE reliable person to help.

Anyway, back on topic?


If I could join… To help

But if I can’t then I’ll just go off and start my own.

Some screenshots featuring me and @Thomson on our first Skyliner flight!

That’s nice :’(

Sorry DJ. I honestly wanted to stay at DJet, but no one ever went on our Slack, and @Hamza787Aj said you were ignoring him. If you wanna talk about this, PM me.