Welcome to Raleigh!


T1TAN has just arrived at KRDU with the FedEx DC-10! He passes the Terminal with some fellow IFAE members who were taking part of IFAE’s Monday short hop from Charleston SC!

Taken 9:00PM CST on the expert server. Edited with Adobe Lightroom.


Looks good! Hope you had fun.

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Yay, you went to North Carolina! Awesome pic, great job!


I think I controlled when You landed 😂 cool pics and love the DC-10


This is my home airport, along with KGSO. Great shot!

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Was about to tag you since I saw you were also part of FedEx Virtual!

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Yeah!!! 😂

I’m that southwest all the way in the back! Went to go get some chipotle so I stayed spawned not to lose all my progress. Wish I saw all that! KRDU was dead when I arrived.

Love the old liveries there. Cool!