Welcome to Oshkosh!

Since 2020 EAA Airventure an event I have gone to for the past few years got canceled due to Covid. My friend @Lukascrazydude and I decided to still celebrate. So we strapped into the Cessna’s and flew up to Green Lake and flew the Fisk Arrival into Oshkosh.

Sitting at KMKE

Taxiing to 1L with @Lukascrazydude

Rolling on takeoff as a flight of 2

Flying Over Green Lake for the holding pattern

“Rock your wings, Excellent Rock, Welcome to the Show”

@Lukascrazydude with not so good of a rock

Hello Oshkosh! Flying the downwind for 27

Absolutely Perfect Landing! Nothing went wrong at all ;)

Welcome to Oshkosh!!!

Thanks @Lukascrazydude for joining me on this stunning flight. I don’t know how you recovered from the bad wing rock but you did it lol.


this was pretty epic i wont cap

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I have two Cessnas over the interstate, I want you to rock your wings and enter behind the Baron for runway 36 keep those wheels up until the purple dot, Welcome to Oshkosh!


Bet you’ve never seen someone roll while doing their rock

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I live in Oshkosh, i’ve watched thousands of planes do the “rock” One of the most memorable was Sean Tucker in his Oracle stunt plane, he literally was doing barrel roles the entire way. So in short, yes I have seen someone roll while doing the rock!

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oh that’s cool Oshkosh is always fun to go to

Just letting you know

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yup just saw that thanks

spot any gators in that lake ?


yes sir jefforo spot a mighty 30 footer

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I saw a 747 there yesterday doing an air show so me in my xcub decided to do some landing practice.

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Great idea! It would be awesome to have an organized mock air show and formation flight into Oshkosh.

I arrived at Oshkosh (virtually) yesterday! It was a blast! I’m glad people are still celebrating this amazing event, even if it’s only on a flight sim.


Proud to say I hosted a fly-in yesterday, we had an amazing turnout of 56 landings and 23 takeoffs!