Welcome to New Zealand TK_ARMY ATC Tracking Thread (CLOSED)

Hey the Best People IFC
I am doing ATC Tracking Thread TS1
I am Alright at ATC
Have Fun an plz been Realistic if you can an Enjoy New Zealand
Server: TS1
Time: 5:20 Pm New Zealand time to 6:00 pm
Open Hour(s) 1HR (Due to change depending on Traffic)
Airport: NZWN
Service(s) Open: Ground an Tower
Departing RWY 34
Landing RWY 34

Sorry Airport NZWN ))

I’m here, I’m N428LA. I’ve never flown in NZ, it’s gorgeous down here!

This sounds like a cool idea. Can’t make it today. But as a fellow Kiwi I may use your services quite often if you are on.

Ye Thanks its was cool to have you safe flight

Just a reminder that I’m remaining in the pattern.

Ok Thank you i will do this more to

I’m remaining in the pattern, not departing. Remember to clear aircraft for the option if they’re remaining in the pattern.
It’s not too late to clear me ;)

Ye Ummm You can stop it now

Stop what? I would turn base but I haven’t been cleared :)

I’ll come back. Just give me one second :)

How do i do that sorry i have no done Patterns

Perfect opportunity to learn!

ok Thanks i think i just need to learn Patterns

Ye i am Learning my ATC but my flying is good

If a plane is remaining in your pattern, that means that they will be remaining in your airspace and conducting touch and goes, the simplest of pattern work. Pattern work can include more things but we’ll just start with touch and goes.
So, if a pilot requests takeoff with remaining in the pattern, you will clear them for takeoff with a traffic direction. Whatever direction that is means that is the direction of turns they will make. You cleared me for left traffic, which means left turns. If a plane is on the downwind, you can clear them for the option for a runway, which means they can conduct a touch and go. The process repeats.
Here’s a helpful diagram :

(Picture gathered from the ATCEG Instagram, thanks @Trio!)


When an aircraft is remaining in the pattern, they circle around the airport doing touch and go’s! If you have any atc questions, there are plenty of people on this forum that can help you as well as or better than I can (although I can try to answer stuff)

Thank you so much guys This is why i love the IF people Thanks

But i will be learning still

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I’d come on but I’m goin to bed, good luck

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