Welcome to New Chitose Airport, Finnair!

Welcome to Hokkaido!
Finnair A330 has arrived at New Chitose Airport Hokkaido, Japan.

Personally, I am really glad the aircraft just came here from Europe!

At the airport, I could see the new JAL’s A350! Beautiful!

Hokkaido and Helsinki have a lot of good common things such as nature.
I will go to Europe someday with this beautiful aircraft!


I think Finnair is like the ONLY non-asian carrier to fly into CTS, the other being Hawaiian on a seasonal basis. Glad to see CTS receive a variety.


Yes, that’s just great so many varieties are coming.
Also Qantas Airways came here in the afternoon. I couldn’t see though.

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Was it a charter? Can’t imagine either of those coming normally.

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This is going to be a year-around service.

This link helps!


Wow, JAL flies an A350 to Sapporo? Interesting… I assume it’s from Narita?

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Actually, it’s flown on the Haneda - New Chitose route.

HND - CTS: JL503 / JL517 / JL527
CTS - HND: JL504 / JL516 / JL528


The A359 is primarily being used domestically in JAL.

Most (nearly all) Japanese domestic flights depart From Haneda instead of Narita.

Similarly most domestic flights to Osaka are from Itami (RJOO) not Kansai.

Grad to see Finnair in Hokkaido!

Basically all Japanese aviation fans are cheering…

Someone should make this an event

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I think JAL is using the A359 solely on the HND to CTS/FUK routes:

The upcoming A350-1000 is expected to replace the 777-300ER on U.S. routes.

How about they switch it to an A35K going to DFW

I think there’s a Finnair VA that can turn this into an event.

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