Welcome To Miami | An Fly In/Out Event Hosted By @Skye

Welcome to my event called Welcome To Miami! This fly in/out is based in the all new 3D airport, Miami (KMIA)! Miami is a gateway to many countries, and has alot of routes going in/out of it. This will be really fun, and I hope to see you there!

View the event information below.

Airport: KMIA (Miami International Airport)
Time: 1700Z Or 12PM Miami Time (Correct Me If I’m Wrong With The Zulu Time)
Date: June 19 2022

We have no gates! You can spawn at any gate 15 minutes before the event start time and choose a route from here, or think of any route that is flown in real life from Miami!

FlightAware | KMIA

If you would like to control this event, reply below with your selected frequencies!

Local (Full)

Miami ATIS: @JSRibs28
Miami Ground: @JSRibs28
Miami Tower: @JSRibs28


Miami Center:
Miami Approach:
Miami Departure:

Thanks to these amazing Virtual Airlines for sponsoring this event!

Learn more here: Avianca Virtual | The first airline of the Americas! | Official Thread 2022


Learn more here: FedEx Virtual | Keeping the World on Time | Official Thread 2021-22

If you received a violation, the event host/sponsors are not responsible for it. If you believe it was unfair, contact @appeals.

Please spawn at least 10 minutes before the event start.

Be on your best behavior, do not troll. If you would like to plane spot, please go to a remote stand.


Nice event, Skye!


I was gunna do an event out of Miami called “Celebrating Miami being 3D”

Nice event!


I will be stopping by for sure! :)

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Could I request to control ground, tower, and atis for this event?

IFATC Officer,

I would go if it was a few days later but I am in the car going to Florida

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Yes! Thanks a lot.

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Nice event page! I’ll be there. :)

Just for clarification, is the event at 12 PM EST or 5 PM EST? I’m in the same time zone as Miami, however, the date & time input you put for the event shows 5 PM EST - 6 PM EST.

Not sure why that’s like that, I set it to the proper time.

It will be at 12PM EST.

Also unfortunately I won’t be able to come but spawn 15 minutes early and have fun! Make sure to send some screenshots :)

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so can anyone tell me the exact time of the event in zulu?

1700Z is the time. 12PM EST

okay i’ll be there

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