Welcome to .... message


I listen sometimes to real ATC, and there they welcome the planes to their airports. I think this would be a great addition to IF.

I thought about this feature this way:

Instead of:
Test 1, exit runway when able, contact ground on the taxiway

It would be,
Test 1, Welcome to Test Airport, exit runway when able, contact ground on the taxiway

Suggestions are always welcome!

Nice idea, however I’m out of votes.


Its a good idea but im also out of votes…


Lol same. Theres so much to vote for rn


I wish I had a vote. It’s such a simple thing that would do quite a bit in terms of realism.


Same bruh lol


This is when he like button would help. We all agree but don’t have anymore votes available.

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this is such a simple feature yet adds so much realism

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I personally think it’s not needed, and would clog the frequency. Plus, being an IFATC myself, I know personally I’d hate hearing, “welcome to London” over, and over, and over, during a two hour shift.


I’d vote for this if I had votes.

Is this optional for ATC to do, because not all ATC irl say 'Welcome to XXXX"


So you know I was thinking that the other day how cool it would be to say “Welcome to…” If I had a vote you would have it


Would be a nice aesthetic change! Will find a vote!

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You have my Vote!

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You have my vote! Sounds like a great addition to the game!

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That would be cool! Also, it shouldn’t be to hard to add this


Seems like a good idea. Got my vote. Gives a nicer tone for ATC commands.


Oh noo, out of vote! It’s these small yet effective “correctional requests” that could make IF produce a more wholesome experience for customers…

01 - Fingers-Frequency

"Fingers" : Frequency 123.45 Pilot Unicom

02 - Expandable-Unable-Button

Expandable 'Unable' button

03 - Change-Unrealistic-Ready-for-Takeoff-Phraseology

Change Unrealistic “Ready for Takeoff“ Phraseology

And now, the Welcome to message! Hope devs are listening, it’s small game changers corrections like these that could make IF a leader in its field - votes aren’t even needed for devs to realize and make changes. Thank you for posting!


Out of votes, but an very nice idea!
Hope to see it!

However, in some busy airports (such as hub airport at FNF), saying ‘Welcome to Test Airport’ to each aircraft will wast a lot of time, and efficiency is the key to IFATC.
The high efficiency means the FNF hub can accept more aircraft and provide ATC service to more players.

They could add it to the Message they already send