Welcome to Hawaii | KLAX-PHNL

Hey there! Today I flew KLAX-PHNL in A350. That is awsome! I want to share it with you.



Here is amazing pics, I hope you can enjoy it !

Parking at the gate

Take off at runway 25R

On Cruise Altitude

Turn to The Final

Gear Down!

Landing at runway 08L

Parking at the gate

Thanks For Watching!


RVSM (WestEven EastOdd) only applies from FL290 to FL410 - above that is FL430 and 450 in BOTH directions. You should be at 400 or 430 :)

But nice pics.


We flew about 5 hours,What a long trip

thanks,i also find this,so i decent to FL400. Thanks for teaching

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Wow, such a fun flight to do. Loved the screenshots!


What is IFGPO?Is that a IFVARB approved VO?

Infinite flight global pilots organization. However I’m not sure if it is IFVARB approved

It will be soon

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I’m not quite understand your meaning,what do you mean “your friend tell me that”
Sorry maybe my bad understanding