Welcome to Global @ KATL - 211500ZOCT17

Server: Casual

Region: Regions? What regions?

Airport: KATL

Time: 1400Z

For this event, we will fly in between 2 of the biggest U.S. airports currently not included in IF: KATL-KDFW. You may fly as Delta or American, as they operate hubs at those 2 airports. (AA at DFW, DL at ATL)
Delta planes that you could choose: 737-800, 757-200, 717-200
American planes that you could choose: A320, 737-800, 757-200

Gates and an FPL will be added shortly!


Androids never get love lol. Jk. Good luck with the release hope there’s smooth sailing. Congrats to the Devs and all working hard on this update. Hoping to see some global footage asap

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Gonna have to flag this… We don’t even know if it is being released by then. Just wait for it to be released, then do it.

First Global event, so excited!

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Even if it’s not released tomorrow, hopefully the majority of us will have it by the scheduled date. If not, I can always postpone! Plus, there has already been an event scheduled for Global by a VA (which is open to the public).


You guys got the 787 update first -_-


Count me in! Cant wait to be in Atlanta in my Delta 74!


You’re all set ;)


Stay tuned to this thread, a gate and FPL will be added shortly :)