Welcome to Frankfurt

Hey there

I recently visited Frankfurt for a little spotting trip and I really enjoyed it.

Although there was a little heat haze ruining a few pictures, it was an awesome day.

Others may know me as Aviationflyer, but now I see myself as yk.aviation

Here are some pictures of Saturday!

I hope you like them!

Until next time🙌


ooooo that’s an interesting one!


Lovely pics!!!

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Yeah with the Terminal and the terrain in the background for sure

Thanks a lot!🙌

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I like the black and White in the Lufthansa photos @ykaviation!

Very cool photos!

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Much appreciated!

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@Moritz has some more German competition

Awesome photos! Really impressed!

Awesome pics!!

eh I meant the livery but ok :/

Very nice!

Oh right, yeah we need that one in Infinite Flight when the 767 gets reworked🥲

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Thank you!

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Thanks a lot!

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Appreciate it!

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I personally would want the new one, continue in the 767 rework thread if you wish to continue.

My pleasure!

Some really cool pictures from Frankfurt! It’s a really cool airport, and you show this very well, especially with the Condor B767 in front of the Terminal and the Taunus. Thanks for sharing!


That MD-11F is still on the full thrust! 💨

I love these edits and I haven’t seen Frankfurt for a while!