Welcome to Feldmann Field (4WI6)!

I was flying around on Solo in an A10 and found something curious…

image image image

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Please follow the rules for posting in the #screenshots-and-videos category. You need to make sure no HUD is visible in the pictures and add more details.

Don’t worry anymore.

Feel free to move it to general, I don’t intend to make any edits. Sorry.

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Let’s see what can be done about this.

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I’m currently flying there in solo! Landed the SR.

As satellite imagery shows this airport to be a cornfield, and the code is now assigned to a heliport, we have decided to remove this airport from the repo.

Thanks for the report.


Gotta be honest, you guys are on it. This was just meant to be an interesting/funny post - I wasn’t expecting it to be picked up as an issue and fixed so quickly. Great Job.

Sometimes I can just feel when an error has been reported on the forum and I need to slave away to fix it. Other times, a member of the team will let me know and I hit a few buttons :)

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