Welcome to | Bienvenue à - CR3W's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] (Taking Written Tomorrow)

Of course I will!! ;)

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Sorry I have to close so soon. Moving half way across the country gets in the way of things

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You did pretty good, sorry for my inept failure of a takeoff

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New details above!

Come join up on TS1 and have some fun for the FNF on TS1!

I will be doing APPR while it looks like @Thomas_G will be doing T&G @OMDB

I think you tagged the wrong person there. I am only doing T&G on Expert Server 😉

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Opps, I meant Thomas R lol

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@ThomasR is your guy then :) Enjoy your session!!

I might come in a bit 😉

Omg no XD


Closing OMDB for a few. T&G is still open though!

It seems that I have some connection issues ( I couldn’t see half of the planes) . I left because I wouldn’t follow instructions if I didn’t follow the issued sequencing. @ThomasR …it seems you can handle traffic very well. Good job!!

@CR3W , before you closed, I asked for ILS approach. You just gave me vector. Don’t forget to tell me: Expect vectors for the ILS …

Thanks for opening today!!

Good job to both of you,


New details above! Thanks to Trio for the Schedule

Thanks to everyone who came out! Had a lot of fun.

I’ll be opening again soon somewhere in France for another Featured Airport by Trio

Open @LFLL again. Come join in and do some Patterns!

I am on my way. See you there!!

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I’ll stop by :) See you soon!

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I think you’re having Connection issues again today

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I will spawn again. App crashed.

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I gotta say guys. That was fun!

Any and all feedback is appreciated! I’ll be open for a while yet, so you can always come back, and new people can come in too!

I’ll see about showing up, but I’m currently flying from KIAH-KATL

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I just announced full stop but I’ll come back :) just gonna switch planes.

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