Welcome to | Bienvenue à - CR3W's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] (Taking Written Tomorrow)

can’t wait! Hope you have fun!

CYUL is now closed! Thanks for the traffic today!

Early morning opening at CYHZ! See above post for details :)

I’ll be there in 2 minutes.
LH838 heavy

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ATC is closed! The out come was good and I even heard I did better this time around ;)

CYUL is now open! See the above post for details :)

I’ll be there shortly NSAM15

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Did I do that right? lol

I’m getting a bit confused

I’ve currently got Approach and Departure. Hopefully we can get some traffic :)

Late night Patterns available at CYYZ tonight! Stop by and enjoy :)

See above post for details

Ok, I am on my way…!

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Feedback is always welcome in my PM’s! :)

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It’s been awhile, how are you all?

We’re open at CYVR today on TS1 for some incoming/outbound Aircraft! And, everyones favourite thing… PATTERN WORK!

See above post for details!


Please listen to ALL ATC instructions! If ATC sends you to a RWY that maybe far away, go to it. ATC is sending to to the best RWY for a smooth departure.

“Taxi to runway 8R”

Proceeds to taxi to runway 12.


Hey! Don’t forget to put closed in your title :)

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I’m back! ;)

This time, I’m here with another ATC controlling at CYVR!

Patterns and etc allowed,

We would love to see some real life flights going on too ;)

(P.S, KSEA is open too by someone, so maybe you could go do some IRL flights between the two ;))

Closed! Thanks for the support everyone! Hopefully with more practice, I’ll be working up the confidence to start my IFATC journey!

Details changed above!

Hope to see you guys there ;)

I’ll have to stop by and do a quick ACVA flight

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I’m coming in 10 minutes if you could hold out

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