Welcome to | Bienvenue à - CR3W's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] (Taking Written Tomorrow)

He doesn’t realize how bad of an idea this is :P

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I have plans ;) ^^^^

Still open? Pattern work allowed?

We’re open for operations @ CYVR!

Please see the details above and see all NOTAMS

Pattern work is allowed as always ;)

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I am on my way! I will see you there!

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Coming. Do you want feedback?
LH838 heavy

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Yes please! That would be great after wards

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Will come in 10 hopefully

Do you want your Feedback Here or as a PM?

Just spawned in, N428LA

ATTENTION! RWY change is now 08L and 08R

I’ll be there in 5min

Feedback Here or PM? @CR3W

PM would be great. Thanks. I already know a few things that went wrong. So I won’t be shocked by any PMs :)

@CR3W You have my feedback via PM.

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Yes I do! Thank you! I’ll be looking into it soon

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You will receive it via PM in a few minutes☺

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I’m now closed! Thanks for the feedback everyone, and I do apologize for that WestJet guy. He was never cleared onto the RWY and had to put you guys on the go around.

Hope to see you all soon!

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Open again @ CYUL! Please see above for details and NOTAMS! :)

Sweet, I"ll come by and fly some patterns.

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