Welcome to | Bienvenue à - CR3W's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] (Taking Written Tomorrow)

Hey IFC!

I’ve decided to open my own ATC Tracking Thread for TS1.

I’m not the best at ATC, so bear with me.

Here goes nothing! ;)

Today we feature @Trio’s ATCEG schedule with featured Airports

Server: TS1
Time: 8:15 PM, AST - 9:30 PM, AST (Subject to Change)
Open Hour(s): 1HR 15M (Due to change depending on Traffic)
Airport: CYVR
Service(s) Open: Ground & Tower!


Departing RWY 08L, 08R & 12
Landing RWY 08L & 08R
Pattern Work Allowed

Please do not request a RWY change for 12 if Airspace is busy, it’s not good for flow control.

Please make sure your status on this post is set to “Watching” to ensure you get notified whenever I open!


Please, Please, Please. I’m 100% not the best at Pattern. So go easy on me :)

Hey so do you want us to do pattern work or no? It seems that you want to improve your pattern work skils but you denied pattern work for me so Im a bit confused. The best way for you to get better at pattern work is to practice doing so

Sorry bout’ that. Yes. I’ll allow it from now on.

Again, sorry about that man

its all good, ill spawn in again

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Now, just understand. If I press the wrong button, bear with me XD

haha okay, try not to though

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I’m open @CYYZ! Come stop by and fly out of Toronto!

Pattern work is allowed, but be warned, I’m not the best at it, but I’ve gotten a bit better

I’ll be there in a 'lil! Let’s go ACVA248 for the callsign because I’m probably going to do pattern work then a flight for the virtual airline.

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I’m closed! Thanks to anyone and everyone who came out! :)

I had fun! I’ll be controlling soon ;)

Open at CYVR!!!

Pattern is accepted here, but don’t forget the most important thing,

Ok I’m actually coming this time!! I’m just going to let it randomly select my callsign so… yeah!

lol, ok!

Can’t wait to see you there :)

Already got 3 Aircraft inbound

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How close are they? I might do a pattern and then do approach if they’re not too close

Thank you very much for the ATC services :)
Sent the rest of feedback etc to your messages

Kind regards
Luke M

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It’s time to have some fun ;)

Me and my very good friend, @AsternAviation, are doing a little joint controlling session!

I’ll be controlling CYVR Ground/Tower, and @AsternAviation will be KSEA Ground/Tower

Have fun everyone!

Recommended Route:

KSEA-CYVR or CYVR-KSEA, you choose

Recommended Airline/Aircraft

Air Canada Express CRJ-900, Air Canada Express Q-400

Alaska Airlines Q-400


Awesome to see you two working together! Great for TS1 pilots wanting a quality ATC service at one airport to another.


We’re currently a little low on Traffic. Come stop by!

I’d love to but I’m busy at the moment sorry.

CYVR is closed! Thanks guys for coming! Such a successful day ;)

Keep on the look out for me and @AsternAviation tomorrow! We might be taking on KLAX and would invite you all to come!

Special thanks to IFATC member @Luke_M for coming out and leaving feedback!

See you all at LAX :)

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