Welcome to | benvenuti a AZA DAL’s tracking thread! [CLOSED]

Hi | ciao IFC! I’m AZA and I’m going to take on the challenge to sharpen my ATC skills on the road to IFATC! Any attendance is greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot everyone and have a great day! | Molte grazie tutti e buon giornata!! Ciao!! -AZADAL


Hi guys! | Ciao ragazzi! I will be opening soon!!

Airport: LIRF

Time: 1930z-2000z

Services: Ground, Tower

Server: TS1

Pattern work allowed pls go easy on me ;) any attendance is appreciated thanks guys have a great day!! | Grazie ragazzi e buon giornata!! ;) -AZADAL

I’m open at LIRF come on down and do some patterns if you would like ;)

UPDATE AIRPORT HAS CHANGED TO LICJ everything else remains unchanged thanks!

LICJ CLOSED* thanks to for the people that attended;)

@Thomas_G out of curiosity how do you have editing rights? 😂😂

Regulars have the ability to rename topics or change the topic category. Just edited the correct airport you where controlling at:)

Ahh ok good to know thanks for correcting my error ;)

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Guess who’s back back again…AZ’s back to controlllin ;)

Airport: CYYZ

Time: NOW for about 30 mins

Server: TS1

Services: Ground and tower

Pattern work allowed go easy on me ;)

Just spawning in now, i’ll do some patterns.

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Thanks | Grazie to everyone who attended that was super fun I’ll try to be as active as possible thanks again and hope to for all you to come and do some patterns again soon grazie ragazzi ciao!!

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Guys I’ll be opening up again! Later today planning for 1930z at the latest;) details will come later but I am curious to hear tips and feedback of my performance! Even if I haven’t controlled you feel free to leave ATC tips it’s greatly appreciated;) thanks guys and have a good day!! | grazie ragazzi e buon giornata! -AZADAL

Ciao ragazzi!! I’m back to controlling!!

Airport: KATL

Time: in 5 mins 2035z -

Server: TS1

Patterns allowed go easy on me;) any attendance is highly appreciated!! Grazie!!

KATL CLOSED thanks for all who attended

Ciao ragazzi!! I’m opening up again!!

Airport: KATL

Time: 1930z-2015z

Server: TS1

Services: GRD,TWR

Pattern work allowed please go easy on me ;) hope to see you there!!

KATL is now CLOSED thanks guys!

I’m back!!! Sorry for the long wait but join me @Xpira and @Balloonchaser at CYYZ on TS1 drop in Ragazzi! E grazie!!

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Ciao ragazzi!!! Today I’m open again and I’d like a lot of traffic! So come on down and do some patterns!! Grazie!!








Closed will be open later

Pattern work allowed

Come on by!

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