Welcome to | benvenuti a AZA DAL’s ATC tracking thread [CLOSED]

Hi IFC this is my ATC tracking thread to better myself at ATC I’m not the best so please allow time for me to improve obviously any attendance for ATC is highly appreciated thanks much and I’ll see you all in the skies! -AZADAL

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Why? That’s really how one controller sharpens there skills to become IFATC!

Thanks for the feed back but I was approach and departure I’ll definitely do in the future thanks again

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Airport: CYYZ
time: 23:30Z-0:00Z
Server: Training
Services: Ground, Twr
Remarks: Pattern work allowed
First time please go easy one me :)

Any attendance is appreciated:)

Good on you for setting up a tracking thread.

I just want to give you this info, to help you get going.

There are a few key things you need to be able to dream during Tower controlling. These are three ‘must-knowns’.

  • Every new inbound request get ALWAYS first gets a pattern entry instruction
  • Every runway change ALWAYS first gets a pattern entry instruction
  • Sequencing is your friend. Every aircraft that is not number 1 (to clear) needs a sequence instruction. This includes new inbounds, runway changes and aircraft doing patterns. Sequencing is your way of actually controlling the traffic; which aircraft needs to follow who where. If you get sequencing wrong, you’ll end up with a mess around your airport.

Hope this info is of use and helps you on your way.

I’ll send you a private message with some more info.


Thanks for all that attended the session! I will be up again very soon thanks again!! -AZADAL

Thanks for this tips and feed back I found them very useful!! It is appreciated

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Airport: LIRF
Time: 11:30Z-12:00Z
Server: Training
Services: Ground, twr
Remarks: pattern work allowed please go easy one me and as always any attendance is appreciated!! :)

Thanks to @Pluky for attending I’ll be up again very soon thanks-AZADAL

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