Welcome to Bemidji

So I decided to do a flight from Minneapolis to Bemidji. Bemidji is a small city with a population of 15,400 people. It self proclaims it is the curling capital of the US and the alleged birthplace of an American folklore lumberjack named Paul Bunyan.
It was a short 55 minute adventure.
I was in a Delta CRJ2 and cruise was at FL180.

At the gate at KMSP


Ascending as you can see the plane is angled up

At cruise observe the farms

Descending because the plane is angled down and has spoilers

Inside the aircraft
Touchdown where winds were at 100 ft then immediately died down
Taxiing to my single gate


Nice pictures Kate! Never heard of that town 😃


Amazing I might try this flight tomorrow sounds fun!😁

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That is why I try out regional small airports. They are less flown too and they are a challenge to land at.


Did all the Delta routes for MSP. Indeed there are tons of Regionals in the little CRJ2. Some are fun landings with pretty short runways


Excited to see someone trying out Minnesota! You should take a look at KBRD next. 😏

Is it just me or do most people on the forum know that a plane is descending when its nose is pointing down and flight spoilers are deployed?

Anyways, great photos.

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They do I wanted to add a little humor to my posts lol
That’s why I also did the title as welcome to Bemidji which is similar to welcome to Jumanji lol.

Loved the window shot Kate, I wish IF have this on all planes… Anyways cool exciting facts from you as always, thanks for posting this! :) :) :)