Welcome To ATC Practice!

Welcome all to ATC practice!

This is a daily event that lets ATC trainees gain confidence and skill with air traffic control! All pilots are welcome to fly at the hosted regions!

Head of ATC practice: @JGK00

Co hosts of event: @hubandspoke1 @Rotate @CaptRamirez @BBJMAX @HV9690 @StikLover2 @masonh2479 @Aviation @Wingnut1776
If you would like to train and put your ATC skills to their proper test then PM myself or any of the co hosts listed and we will organise a slot for you!

Thanks and as always fly safe!

IFEP John Gerard Killeen, head of ATC practice!

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Klax. Maybe

You will get more then 10 aircraft at 8pm gmt in S.California. I would recommend EGLL. If you don’t see enough aircraft try sitting, they usually come one by one after see ATC. Even one aircraft is enough keep him on your frequency as long as you can and start getting famelerise with screen. It’s not bad way to start. IMO

Yea I’m used to the screen just being fluent in prioritising quickly is a challenge.
Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.

John Gerard

Actually yssy can be quiet at times or even kosh if it comes to it

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The event starts in fifteen muinites. It will probably go on till 9:00gmt.
It is in schipol airport in Amsterdam. See you there

Also through out the session if you could rate me as honest as you can be just to see how I do. All feed back is much appreciated

Well that’s that. Thanks to all who came very beneficial! Probably my best ATC control yet! It was very smooth and everyone done what they were told so well done to all wha participated! I may be doing another one tomorrow a little bit later on say10:00gmt but let me know if you are interested!

Regards and happy landings,

John Gerard, ATC trainee.

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I seen gatwickguy I think. I can continue if you want

Nice way to get some experience. Ok here is my feed-back. You are little confused about right-left downwind at time. On my final run you “roger” me on final but not cleared me to land. Off runway asked you to parking but told me to continue taxi. Little things no big deal. You will alright next time.

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Thanks. The only reason why I said continue taxi is because it wouldn’t give the option … Parking… When I went into taxi to…!

Click taxi to… It’s at the buttom of the list. After all the runways.

Thank So! I’ll know for again

Yea, you were great! Confused me when you told me to line up at the runway for takeoff and then told me that I was already cleared to land and that I should avoid sending duplicate messages haha. Otherwise great!

Yea it was just that so many people wanting stuff I just stalled for a moment lol however I recovered well. Great smooth session otherwise

I want to be pilot this airplane

Please correct me if I’m wrong but are you saying you would like to fly under my ATC?


John Gerard