Welcome to American Airlines

Hey I’m back,and here to represent to you a airline to join,I hear there are problems where people want real airlines not VAs,
We offer a wide variety of planes (any plane) but it must have Amercain Airlines livery
We have weekly events for this group
We are hiring
Want to join?
Must have live
Need to know anything else PM me ;)

Safe and happy landings

Which one are you representing?


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Fixed the typo in the title for you.

I would love to join, but I’m already a part of 2, leadership member of one of them. Good luck!

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Yeah makes sense right?

Thanks for fixing it and thanks for the Good Luck

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Just making sure because if you’re representing a “non official” American Airlines Va you could be suspended from the forums

I think there’s already an AA virtual airline.

Here it is:


The airline never showed up the when I serched it
So it’s not my fault

I’m not blaming you.

Did you use this search? If yes, you should of used a search engine.

You should continue searching. Don’t just enter something then move on.

I want to be a pilot for this!

Just as a reminder, there is currently an Offical American Airlines for Infinite Flight.

This operation you are running is not Offical under any IFFG groups or programs.

The Official IFFG/IF American Airlines is


Yes I know, that’s why I was making sure he was talking about you guys so I pm him. Thank you for clearing it up anyway 🙂.

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