Welcome to Alaska Eurowings!

ATSIA has announced the newest company ot fly to ANC.
Eurowings! Starting June 1st 2020 they will fly from Frankfurt on 3 flights a week! Along with ANC Eurowing will also fly to Orlando!


This is very exciting for us who live in Alaska!!! Glad to hear this!


Yes it is! Hope they fly their Airbus to ANC!

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Wow, of all airlines to start flying to Alaska, it is Eurowings. Thats really cool tho!


It’s great to see Airlines coming back to Alaska, Alaska and China are making agreements for the Chinese to fly here

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They’re also adding FRA-PHX


My question is
Is there a lot of demand for this route?
Because I thought flying to LAX and then taking a flight to ANC (Alaska Airlines) would make more sense.

But either way this might be a very cool flight!


Yes there is, it’s quicker fly from Frankfurt to Anchorage then Frankfurt to LAX then up to Frankfurt. Condor typically flies to Anchorage seasonally with the 767

What! No way! Is this for real?!

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Wow that’s awesome there flying to Orlando

It’s a blast to the past! We will finally see the possible return of Europe-Anchorage flights like in the 1980s, and finally, Condor’s lonely 767 flight from Frankfurt will have a companion!

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It’ll be great seeing ANC be used again, a lot of property up here that isn’t being used!


I’ll be happy when it flies to Orlando

2020 they plan too!

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That opens up some possibilities. Amazing!

Is everyone just forgetting about Icelandair

IcelandAir doesn’t fly a 767 between Anchorage and Frankfurt unlike Condor

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