Welcome to Addison @KADS

Welcome to Addison! This airport just got 3-D buildings in 22.4 now come with me as I give you a tour of my beautiful home airport.

This seemingly small general aviation airport is located only 10 miles east of DFW and 7 miles north of Dallas Love This gives it a great spot close to the rich people of Highland Park and also close to the Suburbs of Plano and Carrollton. This gives the airport a great strategic location.
Despite having less land area than airports like Oshkosh or Centennial this airport is still home to more than 700 aircraft hidden in hangers everywhere, as well as being the busiest single runway airport in the country.

Addison currently has two FBO‘s with a third under construction. These FBO’s are Million Air Dallas and Atlantic Aviation with Galaxy FBO under construction

Million Air
Atlantic Aviation
Galaxy FBO

There is a Single Runway at ADS this is RW (16/34) with a total distance of 7,203 ft and the 16 side has a landing distance of 6,224 ft and the 34 side has a landing distance of 6,431 ft due to the wind patterns runway 16 is used more often

Flight Schools
There are 4 main flight schools at ADS these are Thrust Flight,ATP,American Flyers, and Monarch Air these offer both part 61 and Part 141 training as well as airline career programs.

Monarch Air


American Flyers

Thrust Flight aka US Sport Flight





Ending Remarks
Thank you for looking at my guide of Addison this is the first time I’ve ever made an Airport guide so if there’s anything that needs to be changed or fixed up please let me know


Cool airport! I never knew it was like this. Always wondered if dfw had changed icaos whenever I saw this airport when fully zoomed out on the map!

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Thanks for this guide ! Will have to check out this airport soon.

Has the isssue been reported yet that in IF the runway numbers 15 and 33 are incorrect ? KADS is actually runway numbers 13 and 34. Seems the procedures are showing runways correctly but not on the airport diagram itself. See FlightRadar screenshot attached

That issue is known but can’t be fixed due to the way the ILS works currently