Welcome to 20.2 | 20.2 Open Beta Movie

Welcome back everyone!

Today it’s time for a new Infinite Flight Movie! This movie will include many of the latest features from the 20.2 Open Beta. You’ll see many different aircraft, liveries, and destinations! Of course, this can’t be better than @Alexander_Nikitin’s movies, but I hope you enjoy.

I’ve been busy so I apologize for how late this is coming out…

I would like to apologize for some of the jittery video. The 20.1 update made device performance go a bit down…

Movie Details

The aircraft included in this video are: 77W, 77L, 777F, 737, 738, 788, MRJ200

The liveries included in this video are: American (New), American (Old), United (New), KLM “Orange Pride”, KLM, Boeing House, Qatar, Singapore, EVA Air, HOP!, Air Austral, Emirates, SWISS, Ryanair, Delta, PIA, Air Canada, FedEx, TNT, China Cargo (China Eastern Cargo), Ceiba Intercontinental, and Crystal

This video was filmed at different times of day and filmed on solo and expert server. Some main filming location included Vancouver, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and the Caribbean.

(Click On The Picture For The Movie)

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Here’s another one:

If you would ever like to help me with one of my videos, please contact me!

I really hoped you enjoyed or will enjoy! Please rate my video right below, and comment with any suggestions. Thanks!!

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Qatar shot in the beginning is nice

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Beautiful video, well done!

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Wow!! That is an amazing video. And that Final Air Canada shot… What an absolutely stunning picture!! I would definitely use that as a loading screen for infinite flight!

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Thanks everyone! I’m glad you enjoyed.

@AlaskaAirfireball111 Yeah, that was a fun flight with all the beautiful Canadian wilderness!

Neat video, I would’ve cropped the music a bit to keep it short and concise (which I also need to do with my trailer)

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Thank you to everyone who watched my movie! This video is now my most watched video… 😃😃

Awesome job on that - some great highlights on liveries and the updated fog. Nice transitions and good angles - well done!

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That’s a very creative introduction there. By the way, did anyone notice that the tempo matched with the windshield wipers at 0:34?

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@Rock77 Thank you! I love making those little details…

@ZinZowe Thanks for watching! Nice observation…