Welcome the Updated A330!


Just a small quick one, a massive thank you to the development team for unexpectedly throwing this update into 19.1!

Remember the A330 wasn’t supposed to be touched during this update, so before you all start complaining your favourite livery isn’t here, you wouldn’t have had this anyways 😉😉

Damn these screenshots take longer to upload 😂


Well that is some insane resolution!


Damn, that resolution though.


8640x4320 for the screenshot resolution… Absolutely amazing


Screenshots look so good 👌


Geeeeeeez. Killer shot!


That’s some LUDICROUS resolution you got there mate 😂📸💪🏼


Yeah I already miss the old graphics :(


It saved much more battery


Thanks as well for the Instagram repost! I appreciate it ☺️


damn that has good resolution and how didn’t you get the moon so damn big




Qantas & Virgin Australia A330😢😢


Lots of black magic…

It’s the free cam, you move away from the aircraft and zoom in, it’s a depth of field trick and really easy to do once you’re used it it!