Welcome the one and only Steveo1kinevo

@Steveo1kinevo your a legend at flying the tbm lol. really fun to watch your videos

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Whelp I think that you’ll get a very warm welcome!

Glad to have you here!

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Welcome to our IFC @Steveo1kinevo. I really love your videos and the knowledge that you are sharing world wide. I would be honored to provide ATC for you as I’m in training for my practical and becoming IFATC. Again, welcome to IFC.


Now that’s one hell of a full time job!

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Welcome, @Steveo1kinevo! Glad that you are apart of the IF community, though I have never heard of your channel I am going to start looking your youtube vids up :).

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Hello Steveo! I’d like to ask, in your experience of flying the TBM, how close is the Infinite Flight version to the real thing?


Finally you join here, I’m glad you joined this forum. Have a great day here. And welcome to Infinite Flight Community sir😀😁😉🙂🙏
Special pic to Steveo as a greeting from me


So great to see you here steveo! You are the reason I started flying! Hope you enjoy being here :)


Welcome to the forum Steveo!! This will be your new home for a while…


Ok guys, he just got here, let’s give him some breathing room and not scare him off lol.



Steveo is probably the first person on IFC to get over 75 likes on his first post, lol.


Welcome @Steveo1kinevo


@Steveo1kinevo isnt it owned by national?

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Welcome @Steveo1kinevo! Glad to have you here! :)

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Welcome @Steveo1kinevo!

@Steveo1kinevo welcome 851tb will be doing alot of the bahamas routes… nobody loves the bahamas more than @Steveo1kinevo!

Welcome @Steveo1kinevo to the forum!

(And also welcome back, CannedAviation (me), after a long 9 month hiatus :D)

Welcome Stevo to forum! Been following your vids for a while now and really enjoyed following your flying adventure.

Look forward to seeing you in the Flying Virtual skies!

Happy landings.

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Welcome @Steveo1kinevo to the Infinite Flight forum. We hope you will enjoy your time here on the IFC and share many memories with us.

Be sure to check out the link below to get some guidance on having a good reputation here:

Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community

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