Welcome Our New Moderators!


Congrats @ewanfleming and @Damian becoming mods! You both are going to do great!


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Congratulations guys! You both deserve that spot.


Congratulations!! Make sure the IFC is safe and sound everyday ;)


Congrats guys! I’m sure you’ll do great!


Welcome to you both… have tons of fun and keep us all in line!


Congratulations to both of you for becoming a Moderator. Keep up your work and you will for sure become a senior moderator and later on you might go above Misha.

Keep Up Your Good Work .
Try gaining more respect by the community.

Regards ,
TheGreatPilots .


No one can do that. 🦄


Who Knows ?? 😉


Me, because I am the IF liaison for moderators so I can make sure it won’t happen 👀


With that @MishaCamp commits the famous Mic drop and exits stage left😂


Congrats just great keep up the good work.


Cheers @anon88794458 for being great moderator, legend.


A very warm welcome to both of you


Wonder how the new mods are fitting in!