Welcome Our New Moderators!


Yes it’s either live in the forum or the real world, can’t do both.


Carson! Hope you’re doing well! We haven’t heard from you in a while :)


Yes I’m great but very busy. I chose the real world obviously lol. Good luck to the new moderators @Damian and @ewanfleming. You’ll have fun… sometimes.


Congrats both of you! Can’t wait to see what you’ll do for us…


I thought I was being added to!

issa joke


Congratulations guys :)


Congrats to the new mods for making it to the team! I can’t wait to see what you all do to improve the community!


Congrats on a well deserved promotion!


Thank goodness you didnt… 😂

dont worry it’s a joke, lol, but thats what you get for calling KPIT lame Sparry…


I didn’t call kpit lame in my defense…

I called you lame


first Canada moderator yay!!


First Canadian Moderator, but let’s not forget that the amazing @jasonrosewell is from Canada as well 😎


@ewanfleming @Damian
conrats you two! can’t say it enough


I don’t know any of you two! But congrats anyways you must have put in hard work to achieve this!


Awwww, I late to say congratulations! We hope you have a great effect on this community and rest of IF! It is sad that Sam has to go, 😢, to keep his life awesome then he need to take do stuff in his own way.

We will see how you do in this community for next few days!


Grats guys!


Good on you guys yous will do great


I may be alittle bit late to the party, but…

Congratulations to both of you, Ewan (@ewanfleming) and Damian (@Damian)! I’m sure these 2 amazing folks will bring IFC great again!

With the addition of moderation team members. Hopefully IFC will be more civilized and will inspire others to take them as great examples of the forum! 😊

Edit : As I just noticed it from the main OP…

It’s very unfortunate to see Sam (@anon88794458) has stepped down from the moderating team

PS : Personally he is my favourite mod :(. Really really sad to see him go away way too soon

I can only hope the best for him. May he achieve the best in his life for years ahead and hopefully become a succesful guy in real life 😊


Congrats ya’ll!
Maybe one day we’ll get to 30 mods!


Congratulations @ewanfleming and @damian hope you enjoy your new role as moderator