Welcome Our New Moderators!


@ewanfleming @Damian can’t wait to see how you do as a mod!! (Btw I got the 100th reply on the thread 😏)


They might be old but that is no reason to get rid of them


Congrats guys


Hey now.

Sam is only 22 or something. I know he’s a lot older than he looks, but we gotta cut the slack out of age. 90 is the new 22, after all.


Congratulation guys!;) Thanks for helping out this community!


All the Moderators do a wonderful job. Should they be 14 (Like me) or 90 they do great. No one needs to leave tor be replaced.

If it’s not broken, don’t replace it


I wasn’t talking about Sam. I was replying to @The_Geniusman after he said


And I was making a joke about Deer


Gona say sorry now, @ewanfleming, and @Damian will always be the “new moderators” to me till we get more… 😂


Well, yeah…obviously


Congratulations guys! Awesome to see 2 brand new additions to the moderating team. It’s super sad to see you go, Sam. Cheers to you! 🇦🇺


But honestly in like two years some new user will probably be like “who should I contact” me: “the new moderator” I wonder what he’ll say…


By that time Joe might have figured out how to log on to the forum so could be him


That might help


Congrats @ewanfleming and @Damian! You will make wonderful mods!

sorry to see @anon88794458 go down. You were a great mod.


Wait, what? Mods get taken down so others could replace? I thought nobody got taken to TL3 unless they wanted to.


Yes, it was a voluntary decision.


Same thing happened with @Carson and @Henrik. They could g moderate and live in the real world at the same time.


Congratulations on getting into the IFC Mod team!


Congrats! Hope y’all operate our servers well