Welcome Our New Moderators!


Damian closed his first post on his Phone!


Congratulations guys!


Hmmmm r u 1000000000% perfect like me? 😜


You should see some of the messages I’ve gotten over the years lol


For the record, I can’t wait to see how much they age in one year. I’m attributing my change in hair color and number of wrinkles to the great days and nights spent on IFC. Seriously though, congratulations @Damian and @ewanfleming as you embark on your next journey with the IFC, glad to have you here as new leaders of the forums!


New mods!!! Congratulations to both of you! Ha now we got rid of that old one… I think his name I’d deerhurter? Jk love you deer `


Congrats, @Damian and @ewanfleming!!! Great working with you two! Sad to see @anon88794458 go. He might have been my favorite mod that I only saw at 3am when I couldn’t sleep. 🤪


For some reason your on the top of my “To be banned” list. Funny coincidence don’t ya’ think? 😂


May I ask if I’m on your “to be banned” list? 😂 or is Balloonchaser on the list also?


Hahahahah Deer with that comeback!
Congrats @Damian and @ewanfleming


Congrats guys! I hope you enjoy your time here as Moderators of the IFC! Well deserved dudes.


He’s on mine too 😜


Cr3w says he would be the “fun mod”


“Nice Mod”*


And yes, I would be the one to give you one mean warning Then suspend you 😚🤣

Anyways, back to our lovely new Mods 😁


@IceBlue are you hearing this bro?

Congratulations Damian and Perhaps Not Entirely Fake Ewan… You’ve got a lot ahead of you 😘


How exciting!
Two new mods! I wish them good luck on their journey to the top. Congrats guys.
It will be sad to see Sam leave though.


Congrats! You’ve earned it


Very well-deserved, and thanks for the continued contribution, guys! A mod position can be quite demanding for time and sometimes, patience. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both of these guys in person and can say that they’ll both be great additions to the team. Cheers!


As they say out with the old, in with the new. Everything can be improved upon and with these two new mods the IFC has been improved.