Welcome Our New Moderators!


Congratulations to both of you and thank you so much for taking on this vitally important role



Anything south of the border… meh…

Welcome to the mod team guys!


I have to be nice to you two now?! Blasphemy 😂

Congratulations guys!


Congratulations Damian and Ewan, you both have done a lot for the community.

@Adam_Williams we all know Hampshire is the best. @ewanfleming and @SteveSolo will agree.




congrats guys


Congrats guys!


I was this close to putting money on Ewan. After that romantic dinner during Cosford he was a sure bet.


Excellent! Congrats both - Well deserved


Welcome guys! Great to see new mods, but I can’t lie I really thought @anon93248082 was going to get it lol


Lol that’s alright, I’m still here helping out!


I called @Damian 4 days ago on Oct 20. Wasn’t that sure about @ewanfleming though 🤷‍♂️



Congrats guys, keep up the great work!!


Glad you two are moderators @ewanfleming and @Damian!

I would also like to extend my kind regards to @anon88794458 , who has been a wonderful mod.


Congrats to the both of you!


Damian just closed his first too!


They grow up so fast! (Cries lol)


Same, and I had to add him 👀


Because he’s the real Ewan 👆🏻


Congratulations! Have fun with the spam, which I’m sure isn’t paramount to what you get for the IFVARB!