Welcome Our New Moderators!


Ewan officially closed his first topic! ❤️


More importantly, no @anon88794458!


So sad to see @anon88794458 go. It was good to talk to you even for a short time.

Great to see @Damian and @ewanfleming added. Well deserved, can’t wait to see you guys grow and help the community!


Congrats, @Damian and @ewanfleming!


@ewanfleming does that mean I can’t ghost you now?


Wow guys! Congratulations to both of you 😃

Can’t wait to you two in Action 😉


I’ll ghost him anyway❤️


Can he ghost you 😱😱😱😜😜 👻


Ok, How much money did you offer FDS during your dinner with them @ewanfleming 😏


He can, but then no more mod since I am perfect in all ways and never make mistakes


ewan i know you’d be a mod when you followed your mentor’s footsteps. congrats guys!


Ahahah Dush getting there with the roasts. Congrats again Damian and Ewan.


Welcome @ewanfleming & @Damian! You have absolutely no clue what you’ve gotten yourself into ;)


Most accurate comment in here


It’s really sad to see Sam leaving the mod team. He did an outstanding job!

Congrats Ewan and Damian! I am sure that you will do an awesome job!


People come and people go, that’s a part of life.

It’s truly sad to see @anon88794458 leaving his moderation post, he has done a outstanding job and I wish you best of luck for the future 😞

While on the other hand I would like to say Welcome @Damian and @ewanfleming as our new Moderators on IFC 😄


Aw, they took my joke down. Rip. Atleast they are doing there job I suppose… 😂


I’m thankful of everything you guys have done and I hope to see more improvements thank you infinite flight I hope my wish come through to become a commercial pilot


@ewanfleming is right. Hampshire is the best lol


@Cameron help me out with this one

and don’t ban me for tagging you <3