Welcome Our New Moderators!


Congratulations guys. Well deserved and hope you enjoy your new role to this community !


Congrats guys! Good luck with your new positions ;)


Congratulations Ewan and Damain, You guys have put so much time into this community through the IFVARB and couldn’t deserve it more.

It’s sad to to see Sam go though, he was a good mod!


Yea we wish you the best Sam.You have put in A lot of hard work in the community as well


Congrats guys, u guys work hard to contribute to the IFC!
Well deserved @Damian @ewanfleming
I look forward to what u guys will do!
Again congrats!

Sad to see sam leave…


Congrats @ewanfleming and @Damian! Very well deserved, thanks for all of the hard work you put into the IFVARB and the community as a whole!

@anon88794458 Sad to see you go - you were a great moderator. Wish you the best in all of your future endeavors. :)


Congrats Ewan and Damian! Good luck!


Congratulations Damian and Ewan! Well deserved promotion :)


Congrats Damian and Ewan! I can’t wait to see what infinite flight becomes with you two now on the moderator team.

To Sam, it’s sad to see you go. We had some good laughs about those ghostings that were in question. I wish you the best in the future :)


Very sad to see @anon88794458 go, very nice person as well as an amazing moderator. On a positive note congradulations to @ewanfleming and @Damian! You guys will continue to do great things, I’m sure!


Congrats @ewanfleming and @Damian !! You guys will do great as staff;)


Looks like they got a quick promotion ;)


Congrats Guys!


Congratulations @Damian and @ewanfleming! Good luck with your new positions! We are all here for you so don’t worry! ;)


Congrats @ewanfleming @Damian


A very warm welcome to you both!


Welcome to a life of constant emails and messages! Enjoy? Lel


Congratulations to you both! Always good to have some new experienced members on the moderation team who have the time and experience to help out the community!


Oddly, Sam wasnt even a mod for a year. Sad to see him go so soon :(


Thanks for all the support guys! I’m really looking forward to what the future holds :)